About Half Digital Nomad

Half Digital Nomad is a go-to resource for travelers, adventurers, and remote workers who want to make anywhere their home.

I’m Czarina, and I make up half of the people behind Half Digital Nomad. Riley’s the other half of the equation.

I started this in 2023, a year after a trip to Guatemala with Riley.

The trip inspired me and I saw that there was life outside of work. Picture the last day of our trip—standing in a lively plaza, Riley handed our last coins to a vendor as I grab the bracelet to commemorate our trip. That moment was pure freedom. It was the freest I’ve ever felt and right then, I knew I was hooked.

Upon returning home, I snagged a remote job, paving the way for our solo and joint travels. Soon enough, Riley joined me in this side project. These experiences fuel the inspiration behind this blog.

Half Digital Nomad is an extension of our belief that people bring out their best work when liberated from conventional constraints. We want to inspire you to take your own leap into the digital nomad lifestyle, emphasizing that it's more about flexibility than counting the miles on the road. Whether you're contemplating the switch or already working from a cozy spot in Bali, this blog is for you.

What if the thing I’m interested in isn’t on your site?

Email me or tweet to see if I can be of any help. I don’t know everything but I can see if I can help out especially if it’s in an area I’m particularly keen on like job searching, remote working, climbing, or traveling.

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