Gregory Jade 38: Perfect Backpack for Adventurous Travelers

Gregory Jade product review

This is a review of Gregory Jade 38, which may be one of the most ergonomic backpacks out there for both travel and long hikes.

I’ve had this backpack for over two years now and it’s been with me in Asia and South America, so it has its fair share of getting thrown around and being used in all terrains and temperatures.

What I found in my extensive usage of Gregory Jade 38 backpack is that it is an incredibly well-made product ideal for backpackers who are looking for a bag that can be used both for travel and for day trips. It is a compelling competitor for Osprey’s Fairview or Farpoint backpacks

In this review, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of Jade 38, its durability and material, comfort, style, and whether it provides good value for the price.

If you’re seriously considering whether this is the bag for you, keep on reading.

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Score: 9/10

Pros & Cons of the Gregory Jade 38 Backpack


  • Construction is superb
  • Can be a carry-on bag if you keep the top flap empty
  • Very good support—load lifters on shoulder straps, hip belts, and chest strap are available
  • Great for tropical climates and hotter weather because of the back panel providing ventilation
  • U-zip access on front make access way easier
  • Can be used as carry-on—just make sure not to bulk up the top pocket
  • Hip belt pocket are large enough to fit iPhones


  • Arched back means that it’s not recommended to put laptops and tablets on the bag even if there’s a laptop sleeve inside
  • Slim build may not accommodate wide items such as sleeping bags and tents.
  • Because the bag gets narrow towards the bottom, it’s easy to overload the top

Quality & Durability of the Gregory Jade 38 Backpack

The Gregory Jade 38 backpack is a rugged companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Its robust straps and durable materials ensure that it can withstand the harshest conditions, making it a reliable choice for all your adventures. The heavy-duty zippers, particularly the U-zip design, provide added security for your belongings. Even when pushed to the limit, this backpack remains accessible and dependable.

I’ve maxed out the bag during my trip and found the stitching is impeccable, and the materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring that it can withstand the most demanding adventures.

📋 Quality Score


Versatility & Comfort of the Gregory Jade 38 Backpack

Gregory Jade 38: Perfect Backpack for Adventurous Travelers -
I used the backpack when doing a 3-day hike in Southeast Asia and it was extremely comfortable despite the heat and humidity

Jade 38 may be the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever owned.

The backpack’s pockets are thoughtfully placed on the hip belt and top flap, giving you ample space to organize your essentials. This design encourages you to customize the bag’s layout to suit your specific needs. However, there’s one minor drawback in the design: the bag tapers towards the bottom. This design choice favors airflow to your lower back but limits capacity in the lower section. To make the most of it:

  • Place your heaviest items at the bottom, provided they fit.
  • Keep laptops and electronics away from the back panel for added comfort.

The back panel and the hip belt combined are incredibly useful since the belt hugs your body to the backpack while the back panel ensures that your shirt won’t be soaking in sweat as you hike.

There are multiple sizes so it fits your torso size. Having a large bag frame for a short torso means bad ergonomics so it is important to find the right frame size for you. Jade 38 has load lifters on its shoulder pads so you can switch between putting the weight on your shoulders on your hips.

📋 Comfort Score


Style of the Gregory Jade 38 Backpack

Pockets on the bag are found on the hip belt, and the top flap so you’ll most likely need a couple of pouches and smaller bags to organise your smaller items. This was not much of an issue because it means that you can organise the bag the way you need it.

However, the biggest downside in the design is that it gets narrow towards the bottom, To give your lower back some airflow, the bag reduced the capacity on the lower part of the bag so it slims towards the bottom. This means that the bulk of your items will be on the upper half. This means two things:

  1. It’s best to place your heaviest items on the bottom if you can, provided that they will fit
  2. You should not have your laptop and electronics on the backpack…or at least not close to the back panel

I was able to work around this by placing my heaviest items on the bottom and clothes on the top. The pockets on the top flap of the bag were used for underwear other light items. Putting electronics and chargers here isn’t a great idea because it may open up easily.

📋 Style Score


Value of the Gregory Jade 38 Backpack

IMHO – For a bag that can be used for both travel and backpacking, I thought that this was well worth the value.

Firstly, its versatile design allows it to function as both a travel and backpacking backpack. This dual-purpose capability eliminates the need to invest in separate bags for different activities, saving you money and storage space.

Secondly, its exceptional durability ensures that the Gregory Jade 38 can withstand the test of time and rigorous use. The top-tier materials and meticulous construction make it a long-lasting companion, reducing the frequency of replacements and, in turn, saving you money in the long run.

I can see this backpack to last for quite a while especially that the materials are very durable.

📋 Value Score


Final Thoughts on the Gregory Jade 38 Backpack

Jade 38 maximises for comfort and ergonomics. If you’re a backpacker that wants to pack light and intends to do a lot of outdoor activities, Jade 38 has you fully covered for your next adventure. This backpack isn’t just a piece of gear; it’s a reliable companion that will serve you well on countless journeys, making it a worthy investment for any adventurer.

I personally loved the bag because it can be used as a carry-on and I was able to use it when doing long overnight trips in Southeast Asia where we have our lodging and we didn’t need to bring sleeping bags and tents. It was a reliable companion on my past trips and I think it’s wroth

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