35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam

Are you looking for an unforgettable island getaway? Join me as I share my favorite things to do in Phu Quoc, based on my personal experience traveling around the island, a true tropical paradise!

As someone who has explored Phu Quoc extensively and immersed myself in its culture and attractions, I can provide you with insider tips and insights that will make your trip truly remarkable.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • A diverse range of activities that cater to your interests, whether it’s adventurous trekking or serene relaxation
  • Hidden gems and lesser-known spots that showcase the island’s natural beauty and vibrant culture
  • Insider recommendations for the best local street food, authentic experiences, and more

Phu Quoc welcomes you with pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage. With this guide, you’ll unlock the island’s finest treasures, making your visit an unforgettable journey filled with memorable moments.

Things to Do in Phu Quoc

Explore Phu Quoc by Motorbike

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Navigating Phu Quoc’s roads is a breeze, with well-maintained routes and a new, tranquil road on the island’s northeastern side. The exception is a rugged road at the northern tip, leading to Ganh Dau Trail and Starfish Beach. To explore, rent a motorbike for around 150,000 VND/day (~$6.50 USD). Fueling up costs merely $2 USD.

Abide by Vietnam’s stringent helmet laws and watch for a police speed trap near Phu Quoc town. Going over 40 kilometers per hour might result in an immediate small fine. Renting a motorbike empowers you to discover the island and its stunning beaches without needing a driver. Bikes are readily available at most Phu Quoc hotels or numerous small rental shops scattered throughout. Uncover the island’s wonders on your own terms.

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Eat Supper at the Phu Quoc Night Market

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

When you explore Phu Quoc, be sure to experience the lively Phu Quoc Night Market. Open-air and vibrant, this market is a Southeast Asian tradition. Located in Duong Dong, it operates from 5 pm to midnight, offering more than 100 stalls filled with grilled seafood, roasted peanuts, ice cream, banana pancakes, drinks, and traditional souvenirs. After a day at the beach, embrace the market’s energy. You can savor seafood at the local restaurants or nibble your way through a variety of stalls. Whether you’re searching for unique souvenirs or a taste of local culture, the Phu Quoc Night Market is a must-visit evening destination on Vo Thi Sau Street.

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Visit Sao Beach (Star Beach) in Phu Quoc

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Sao Beach, a gem of Phu Quoc Island, boasts crystal-clear blue waters, gentle palm trees, and pristine white sand that blends with breathtaking landscapes. Here, you can bask in the sun’s warmth or take a refreshing swim in the inviting sea. Whether you’re lounging by the shore or settled in a beach chair, the options are perfect for unwinding. Alongside this serene ambiance, you’ll find beachside bars and delectable local treats, creating a delightful harmony of sea breeze and culinary pleasures. This tranquil spot promises comfort as you immerse yourself in the essence of Phu Quoc. Don’t miss the chance to experience the beauty and tranquility that Sao Beach offers.

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Island Hop on a Boat Tour

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

The An Thoi archipelago’s islands take center stage in popular one-day tours, often organized by travel agencies. These tours offer private boat trips for fishing or snorkeling across at least two islands. It’s a refreshing escape from the bustling Phu Quoc beaches, all at a reasonable cost. Alternatively, you can independently explore these islands by purchasing a cable car ticket, providing an aerial perspective and saving time, although it’s less flexible and pricier.

An Thoi’s island highlights include Hon Thom (Pineapple Island), Hon Dua (Coconut Island), and Hon Mong Tay (Fingernail Island). Hon Thom boasts diverse coral species, making it a snorkeling and diving paradise. Hon Mong Tay offers a serene, uncrowded beach perfect for tranquil swims. These islands offer a serene contrast to Phu Quoc, free from crowded beaches, hotels, and markets, allowing nature’s magnificence to shine alongside the warm local hospitality. Don’t miss the charm of An Thoi archipelago’s islands when visiting Phu Quoc.

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Hike to Suoi Tranh Waterfall

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Suoi Tranh Waterfall offers a serene escape to embrace nature’s tranquility and breathe in the fresh air. A brief drive from Duong Dong, this waterfall is a cherished spot for both locals and tourists. The shaded walking paths provide ample opportunities for exploration, and the waterfall itself is a delightful swimming haven. The star attraction, Suoi Tranh Waterfall, is just a short 20-minute stroll from the park entrance. Beyond the waterfall, you’ll discover a series of caves, rock pools, and streams, enhancing the natural experience.

Entrance to the park involves a small fee, and it’s important to note that the area tends to be bustling, especially on weekends. Whether you’re seeking a moment of relaxation or a nature-filled adventure, Suoi Tranh Waterfall offers the ideal setting to unwind, take a refreshing swim, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Phu Quoc’s natural landscapes.

Eat Seafood at Ham Ninh Fishing Village

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Ham Ninh Fishing Village, situated about 20 km from Duong Dong town, is a hidden gem in Phu Quoc. Nestled at the foot of Ham Ninh mountain, this ancient village exudes charm with its thatched roofs and simple bamboo walls. The villagers primarily sustain their lives through pearl diving and fishing, preserving a traditional way of living. Amidst its serene beauty, Ham Ninh offers a seafood enthusiast’s delight.

This village presents a distinctive dining experience: eating amidst the sea. Access the floating restaurants via boat, then select your seafood and indicate your preferred cooking style. This sea-to-table adventure encapsulates Phu Quoc’s essence – a harmonious blend of captivating landscapes and delectable seafood. In Ham Ninh Fishing Village, relish tradition, savor the ocean’s bounty, and embark on an unforgettable culinary journey amid the water.

Watch the Sunset

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Witnessing a Phu Quoc sunset is a must-do during your stay, and it’s renowned as the finest in Vietnam. Across the island’s various beaches, each location offers a distinct and captivating sunset experience. Long Beach, for instance, treats you to a panoramic spectacle as the sun gracefully dips into the expansive sea, painting the horizon in brilliant hues reminiscent of a romantic movie scene. Meanwhile, at Ong Lang beach, you’ll embrace a serene ambiance, observing the sun’s gradual descent beneath the waves and rocks, a peaceful moment etched in time. These sunsets encapsulate Phu Quoc’s natural beauty, leaving an indelible memory of breathtaking tranquility and stunning coastal vistas. Which of these unique moments speaks to you?

Hike in Phu Quoc National Park

Set off on a thrilling adventure by hiking through Phu Quoc National Park if you’re a trekking enthusiast seeking the ultimate experience. Situated in the island’s north, this park encompasses Ganh Dau, Ham Rong Mountain, and the Cua Can River – all treasures awaiting exploration. The park’s allure lies in its pristine, unspoiled beaches, refreshing streams, and the untouched beauty of nature. Remarkably, the forest covers nearly 70% of Phu Quoc’s land, meticulously preserved.

Notably, Phu Quoc National Park represents diverse ecosystems found in Vietnam, showcasing the island’s rich natural variety. Encompassing mangroves, wetlands, sparse forests, coastal vegetation, and rocky mountain forests, this park encapsulates a myriad of landscapes. Whether you’re captivated by mangrove swamps or drawn to the allure of rocky heights, the Phu Quoc National Park promises an unforgettable journey through Vietnam’s diverse natural wonders. Are you ready to explore this haven of biodiversity?

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Relax at a Phu Quoc Resort

Ocean Bay Phu Quoc Resort and Spa

Enjoy world-class hospitality at Ocean Bay Phu Quoc Resort and Spa, an exquisite beachfront haven offering 5-star luxury. Lounge by the outdoor pool, unwind in the gardens, and relish the serene terrace, all complementing the beauty of Phu Quoc.

Savor a continental, Asian, or vegetarian breakfast before exploring Ong Lang Beach steps away or the captivating Sung Hung Pagoda. Finish the day with world-class cuisine at the restaurant or sip a drink at the bar. With a romantic rating of 9.1 on Booking.com, couples adore the location. Let Ocean Bay Phu Quoc Resort and Spa be your oasis of relaxation and luxury by the sea.

Go Scuba Diving

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

While scuba diving is an option in Phu Quoc, it’s worth noting that it’s not as popular due to overfishing in the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, there are no designated marine protected zones. Nonetheless, the diving experience remains relatively laid-back. If you’re new to scuba diving and eager to give it a try, Phu Quoc offers a gentle introduction to this underwater adventure. Consider dipping your toes into the water by booking a scuba diving tour. It’s a great opportunity to test the waters and explore the underwater world, even if the diving options are less scenic in comparison to other locations.

Explore Hidden Corals on a Snorkeling Trip

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Go on an afternoon snorkeling adventure to uncover the hidden underwater treasures of the An Thoi archipelago. Depart on a speed boat in a small group, ensuring a peaceful and crowd-free experience. Revel in the beauty of white sands, clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs on this half-day escapade.

Stay comfortable with sanitized snorkel gear and swim buoy, while an underwater guide provides support during your snorkeling journey. Marvel at the renowned Phu Quoc Coral Mountain and Half-moon reef, considered among the island’s finest reefs. As the day winds down, bask in the sunset’s glow on a secluded island, where you can even enjoy a cocktail from the beach bar while swaying in a hammock.

Look for Starfish at Starfish Beach

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Visit Starfish Beach on Phu Quoc Island’s northern tip, renowned for its unique feature – starfish dotting the offshore sandbar. As you wade into the water, you’ll easily spot these fascinating creatures resting on the ocean floor. It’s essential not to disturb them, though the sad truth is that many visitors disregard this. Amidst the starfish excitement, the beach itself is perfect for relaxation. For around 50,000 VND per person, you can rent chairs and bask in the sun-kissed beauty for the day.

While the starfish might steal the show, the beach is also an excellent spot for swimming. The crystalline waters offer a refreshing escape. Additionally, several restaurants perch on ocean-facing pillars, serving up fresh seafood and classic Vietnamese dishes. Whether you’re seeking starfish encounters or a laid-back beach day, Starfish Beach promises an enjoyable experience amidst Phu Quoc’s natural wonders. Will you venture into these pristine waters?

Go Fishing with a Local Fisherman

best things to do in phu quoc vietnam

Engage in an authentic island experience by joining a local fisherman on a fishing venture, an integral part of life on Phu Quoc Island. The coastlines are adorned with vibrant, small fishing boats, showcasing the island’s maritime culture. The day’s freshest catches adorn restaurants at Starfish Beach, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, and the night market, adding a delectable touch to local cuisine.

Should you aspire to catch your own seafood feast, there are options to explore. Seek out a local fisherman and negotiate a fee for a sea excursion, ideally planning for an early morning trip to avoid the sun’s intensity. While fluent English speakers might be rare, the journey promises a humorous adventure. If this endeavor seems too intricate, opt for a fishing tour offered by established tour companies. They provide necessary gear and experienced guides, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable fishing experience. Will you seize the opportunity to cast your line into the sparkling waters of Phu Quoc?

Go Nighttime Squid Fishing

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Venture on a squid fishing adventure as the sun sets, painting the sky in shades of pink. No prior techniques are required, the local fisherman onboard will teach you all the secrets you need to know. After learning how to bait and catch squid alongside your fellow travel mates, the onboard crew will assist you and gladly prepare any squid you reel in, adding a delightful touch to your dinner experience. Enjoy the camaraderie and excitement of squid fishing while basking in the serene evening atmosphere.

Swim in Da Ban Spring

Escape to the natural beauty of Da Ban Spring. This serene spot offers a delightful setting for an afternoon picnic and a refreshing swim in the midst of nature. While a local favorite, sometimes marred by karaoke machines and litter, it’s still worth considering if you have leisure time on Phu Quoc Island.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, but manage your expectations – while not a top priority, Da Ban Spring provides a laid-back escape from the ordinary. Take a moment to savor the simplicity of nature and relish a leisurely experience. Will you take a dip and bask in the idyllic surroundings of Da Ban Spring?

Trek along Tien Son Dinh

Starting your Tien Son Dinh trek is an exciting adventure that commences at Cafe Tiên Sơn Đỉnh, situated on the road to Hàm Ninh fishing village. Arrive by taxi or motorbike, and while you don’t need a guide, it’s courteous to purchase a drink at the cafe as a form of parking fee. Beyond the cafe’s back yard, the trail takes you through farmland and into the dense jungle. Exercise caution on the steep and rocky path, particularly in damp conditions.

Amid the thick vegetation, you’ll encounter a majestic banyan tree perfect for climbing. The trail gets steeper, sometimes requiring wooden ladders to navigate. The dense rainforest, pierced occasionally by sunlight, presents a serene atmosphere with cicadas’ calls and rustling leaves. As you approach the summit, you’ll ascend a rockface using a wooden staircase. Care is crucial here.

Upon reaching Đỉnh Tiên Sơn, the Fairy Mountain Peak, you’ll be greeted with stunning views of the airport, hills, and surrounding sea. Enjoy a picnic and recharge before your descent. This trek showcases the untouched beauty of Phu Quoc’s interior, offering a glimpse of its natural allure.

The hike typically takes 2-3 hours round trip, and it is best to start in the morning. While this hidden gem remains undiscovered by many tourists, let’s aim to preserve its natural state for the future.

Relax at Long Beach

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Long Beach Phu Quoc, hailed by ABC News as one of the most beautiful, cleanest, and unspoiled beaches in the world, retains its pristine allure despite growing tourism. With a 15-kilometer stretch from Cua Can to Ganh Dau Cape, the beach features soft sands, gentle waves, and vivid blue waters. Engage in diverse activities: swim, kayak, explore coral, cycle along the shore, or host a beachside barbecue. This coastal haven offers a spectrum of experiences, from relaxation to adventure. Will you heed Long Beach’s call and immerse yourself in its natural wonders?

Ride on the Phu Quoc Cable Car

phu quoc cable car

Ride the Phu Quoc Cable Car – the world’s longest three-cable aerial car system. Set on the island’s southwestern tip, your adventure commences at An Thoi, Phu Quoc, and spans approximately 15 minutes, concluding at Hon Thom Island, also known as Pineapple Island.

Traverse the sky and relish panoramic 360° views of the An Thoi Archipelago, adorned with petite islands and crystalline turquoise waters. Opt for clear weather to optimize your vistas. Ticket pricing varies: adults over 1.3 meters pay 500,000 VND/person, children (1-1.3 meters) pay 350,000 VND, and children under 1 meter ride free. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary cable car experience and marvel at Phu Quoc’s splendors from above. Will you ascend to new heights?

Tour a Pepper Farm

While exploring Phu Quoc on your motorbike, you’ll encounter numerous pepper plantations scattered across the island. Pause for a moment to appreciate these lush landscapes and consider picking up a bag or two of peppercorns as souvenirs – some claim Phu Quoc pepper is the finest in all of Asia. While guided tours might be limited, stopping at any plantation allows you to marvel at the pepper vines and collect unique mementos.

Should your journey be time-constrained, don’t fret – you can still savor the island’s flavors. You’ll find bags of Phu Quoc pepper available at the airport, making it convenient to bring a taste of the island back home. As you cruise along on your motorbike, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in Phu Quoc’s pepper-growing heritage and perhaps take a piece of it with you. Are you ready to embrace the island’s renowned peppercorns?

Visit the Fish Sauce Factory

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Venture into the heart of Vietnamese culinary culture by visiting a fish sauce factory in Phu Quoc, an essential experience for any visitor. Fish sauce, a staple in Vietnamese cuisine, adds its unique flavor to an array of dishes. Whether it’s used for dipping, incorporated into sauces, or sprinkled for a touch of saltiness, fish sauce is intrinsic to the nation’s flavors.

Phu Quoc stands as one of two renowned regions in Vietnam recognized for producing exceptional fish sauce, with its exports reaching global shores. Embark on a factory tour to witness the meticulous process of creation, fermentation, and bottling. Khai Hoan, Phung Hung, and Hung Thanh are prominent factories on the island offering insightful tours.

Delve into the artistry behind this culinary cornerstone and learn how fish sauce enriches Vietnam’s vibrant flavors. Are you ready to discover the craftsmanship that flavors a nation’s cuisine?

Take a Local Street Food Tour

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Venture on an authentic Phu Quoc street food adventure and uncover the island’s rich culinary tapestry. The bustling Phu Quoc Night Market beckons, promising a gastronomic journey you won’t forget. Leave your hunger behind as you encounter a plethora of delectable options. The air is filled with the irresistible aroma of grilled seafood and roasted peanuts, evoking a symphony of flavors that stir your senses.

Don’t miss the captivating ice cream roll-making and the vibrant atmosphere. From live seafood to savory grilled delights, fried ocean crab rice, zesty Sardinella salad, crunchy chou chou peanuts, Vietnamese pizza, and flavorful stuffed squid, each bite tells a unique story of Phu Quoc’s food culture. Round off your experience with the delightful Vietnamese honeycomb cake infused with palmyra sugar. Your Phu Quoc street food tour promises an unforgettable culinary exploration that truly captures the island’s essence.

Take a Vietnamese Cooking Class

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Discover the unexpected pleasure of a cooking class right on an island embraced by the ocean. This unique experience unfolds within a permaculture-based organic farm, dedicated to producing wholesome, chemical-free products. Immerse yourself in more than just cooking; your journey includes shopping at a local wet market, a brewery beer tasting, and even a possible detour to a nearby pepper farm. As you embark on this culinary adventure, learn the art of crafting four quintessential Vietnamese dishes: fresh and fried spring rolls, caramelized fish or pork with fish sauce, and sizzling pancakes. Gain insights into local traditions and flavors while surrounded by the island’s natural beauty.

Visit Phu Quoc Prison

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Step into history’s shadows at Phu Quoc Prison, also known as Coconut Tree Prison. Crafted in 1949 by French colonists, this haunting site bore witness to the suffering of around 40,000 Vietnamese soldiers and political figures during the American War, known as the Vietnam War in the USA. Designated a national historical site in 1995, its gates were opened to the public for exploration.

Delve into a somber past as exhibitions unveil the torment endured within these walls. Electric shocks, crucifixion, and starvation were among the agonies inflicted. Traverse this museum for a nominal entrance fee, encountering a poignant tapestry of history. If your curiosity and thirst for understanding beckon you to explore the annals of Vietnam War history and its harrowing facets, Phu Quoc Prison beckons as an evocative testament to the past. Will you venture into its solemn corridors?

Explore the Coi Nguon Museum

To delve into the rich history and culture of Phu Quoc Island, a visit to the Coi Nguon Museum is a must. Located just south of Duong Dong, this museum was founded in 2009 by Huynh Phuoc Hue. His personal collection, curated over 15 years, showcases more than 2,500 artifacts spanning from the 15th to the 20th centuries, alongside around 100 traditional paintings.

Exploring this museum grants you insights into the island’s past and the lives of its inhabitants across centuries. You’ll gain an understanding of daily life and the people who have shaped Phu Quoc’s history. Operating daily from 7 am to 5 pm, the museum’s entrance fee is 20,000 VND per person. Step into the Coi Nguon Museum to unearth the captivating stories woven into the fabric of Phu Quoc’s cultural tapestry. Will you explore its intriguing exhibits?

Worship at Ho Quoc Pagoda

Engage in spiritual contemplation at Ho Quoc Pagoda, Phu Quoc’s largest Buddhist temple. Perched along the island’s eastern coastline, this exquisite complex combines elements of a monastery and temple. Erected in 2012, the site continually evolves through renovations and enhancements, providing a serene haven for visitors.

Discover tranquility as you gaze upon the boundless ocean from this peaceful retreat. While the scenic vistas captivate, the sun’s intensity mandates the use of sunscreen for protection. Enjoy unfettered access to this site of serenity, its quietude seldom disturbed except on weekends. Ho Quoc Pagoda invites you to embrace its ethereal aura and absorb the panoramic ocean views. Will you seek solace within its sacred expanse?

Visit the Local Village of Rach Tram

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Journey to the secluded haven of Rach Tram fishing village, nestled at the northern tip of Phu Quoc island. As you navigate the challenging path leading to the village, a pristine and serene world unfolds before you. What began as a wrong turn during a motorbike excursion around Phu Quoc led me to this hidden gem. Little did I know, I was about to discover more than just a village – I was about to savor the best steamed pork buns (banh bao) of my life!

Once a settlement for Cambodian migrants, Rach Tram village now harbors only a handful of households, exuding an aura of tranquility. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of local fishermen’s lives, observing their daily endeavors. Venture out for an offshore fishing experience, savoring the bounty of their catches.

For nature enthusiasts, a wooden boat journey down the Rach Tram River unveils the rich tapestry of riverbank flora, including rare wild orchids. Witness the symbiosis between the forest and river, a testament to nature’s artistry. In Rach Tram, you’ll find solitude, sea, and stories of a humble fishing village. Will you answer the call of this hidden gem?

Go Kayaking on the Cua Can River or at Ong Lang Beach

Are you ready to embrace nature’s beauty through kayaking? Embark on an outdoor adventure along the peaceful Cua Can River or the captivating Ong Lang Beach. If you’re a nature lover, the Cua Can River promises a captivating journey. Have you considered joining the Northern Island Tour to make the most of this experience? Alternatively, opt for renting kayaks by the hour from riverside spots like Huong Viet, offering you the freedom to steer your own path.

For a fresh perspective, why not try kayaking at Ong Lang Beach? It’s a must-try activity on Phu Quoc Island. As you glide across the calm waters, catch glimpses of fishermen’s daily lives and take in the panoramic views of pristine primeval forests. The picturesque beauty of Phu Quoc unfolds before you, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether on the Cua Can River or Ong Lang Beach, kayaking lets you immerse yourself in the island’s natural splendor in a truly memorable way.

Have Fun at VinWonders Phu Quoc Amusement Park

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Experience the ultimate realm of entertainment and adventure at VinWonders Phu Quoc Amusement Park. This sprawling paradise, spanning nearly 50 hectares, invites you to embark on a journey of discovery through its 6 captivating subdivisions. Each division draws inspiration from the essence of 12 global civilizations, creating a tapestry of wonder right in the heart of Phu Quoc.

Indulge your senses as you traverse the European Boulevard, where the classic architectural splendors of the 80s come to life. Or dare to ride the exhilarating slides of Tornado World, a realm of thrills and excitement. The enchantment continues at Magic World, where you can transform into fairy-like characters, stepping into a realm of fantasy.

With its immersive themes and vast expanse, VinWonders Phu Quoc offers a passport to the world’s marvels without leaving the island. Will you seize the opportunity to explore these wondrous realms, each offering a unique adventure?

See Wildlife at Vinpearl Safari

Have you ever thought about visiting Vinpearl Safari? This unique semi-wildlife conservation area in Vietnam offers a distinctive experience. Animals are observed from tramcars with protective glass, allowing for an up-close encounter in a natural setting.

What distinguishes Vinpearl Safari? Unlike traditional zoos, animals here live in habitats that mirror their native environments. The sight of South African rhinoceros, Indian tigers, and Kenyan zebras roaming freely left me in awe. The captivating animal shows and vibrant Zulu dances add an extra layer of excitement.

When planning your Phu Quoc adventure, make sure to include Vinpearl Safari on your itinerary. Observing these incredible creatures in their genuine habitats fosters a strong connection to wildlife and conservation.

Visit Phu Quoc’s Bee Farm

Consider a visit to the island’s bee farm, nestled near the primeval forest. This special farm is dedicated to the study and conservation of bees, making it a one-of-a-kind attraction. Immerse yourself in the world of bees as you explore the farm, accompanied by informative explanations about the honey bee ecosystem. Have you ever tried honey tasting? This is your chance to savor different varieties of honey and even bring home some delightful honey gifts. Discover the fascinating world of bees and their precious produce at Phu Quoc’s bee farm.

Visit Phu Quoc’s Local Duong Dong Market

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Don’t miss a visit to Duong Dong Market, the island’s largest market. Unlike the tourist-focused Bach Dang Night Market, Duong Dong Market is where locals gather to trade, sell, and buy a variety of products. Located by the picturesque Duong Dong riverbank, this bustling market starts its operations early in the morning. The market is known for its diverse array of fresh and dried seafood, sourced directly from fishing boats. If you’re buying in bulk, shopkeepers can arrange to pack and deliver your purchases to airports or harbors.

While the souvenirs and gift section is open in the evening from around 5:00 PM until after sunset, the morning hours are when Duong Dong truly shines. It’s a prime time to explore the market’s offerings, including unique breakfast dishes like trung sam, bun nham, banh canh bot loc, and chao cha ca. Savor the local flavors without breaking the bank, as these authentic dishes are known for their affordability. Join the vibrant rhythm of Duong Dong Market and experience Phu Quoc’s authentic charm.

Visit Cao Dai Temple

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Exploring the spiritual diversity of Phu Quoc? A visit to the Cao Dai Temple is a must. Known as the birthplace of Caodaism, Phu Quoc embraces the unique blend of Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, and Confucianism that defines Cao Dai.

Perched atop lofty mountains and enveloped by lush trees with a view of the serene sea, the Cao Dai Temple is often referred to as the “Cao Temple” due to its elevated location. The journey to this spiritual sanctuary entails navigating numerous winding paths on steep inclines. Adjacent to the temple lies the Duong Dong Temple, a destination to explore after your spiritual journey.

Experience the rich tapestry of faith and nature that Phu Quoc offers through a visit to the Cao Dai Temple, where tranquility and spiritual fusion converge amidst the island’s scenic beauty.

Visit Dinh Cau Shrine

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Experience the allure of Dinh Cau Shrine on Ngoc Island in Duong Dong town, a captivating destination enriched with legends and history. With a legacy of over 300 years, Dinh Cau holds enchanting tales passed through generations of fishermen. The shrine symbolizes the harmonious blend of Sea, Sand, Sun, and Stone, painting a mesmerizing landscape that shifts with twilight’s hues.

Remarkably, Dinh Cau rests at the heart of Duong Dong Town, a mere 3-minute stroll from the Phu Quoc night market. This convenient proximity allows for easy exploration without extra transport.

Savor the magic of the Dinh Cau sunset, a serene spectacle that etches unforgettable memories as the sun’s golden glow kisses Phu Quoc’s shores. Islanders have long revered this sacred mountain, building a shrine for divine protection against sea perils and seeking solace in its tranquil embrace.

Throughout the year, notable holidays draw islanders and boat owners to this holy haven, with October 15-16 (lunar calendar) attracting over 100,000 visitors to swim, pay respects, and marvel at the expansive water vista.

Have a Wine Tasting at Sim Wine Factory

Indulge in a unique experience at Sim Wine Factory by exploring the world of Sim Wine, crafted from the exotic Rose Myrtle fruit that thrives in Phu Quoc’s lush forests. Unlike conventional wines, Sim Wine is a fusion of rice wine, sugar, and fruit, boasting a delightful sweetness that sets it apart. Immerse yourself in the flavors of this local treasure at Sim Son Phu Quoc, where you can engage in wine tastings and even bring home your preferred Sim products from their well-stocked gift shop. Uncover the distinct charm of Sim Wine and savor the essence of Phu Quoc’s rich bounty in every sip.

Learn About the Local Pearl Culture

35 Best Things to Do in Phu Quoc Vietnam -

Embark on a pearl-filled adventure on Phu Quoc Island, known for its rich pearl farming heritage. Delve into the captivating process at the Phu Quoc Pearl Farm, where oysters are nurtured over years to produce exquisite pearls. From nucleation to implantation, witness the meticulous stages of pearl development in a single complex spanning 6,000 square meters of land and 4 square kilometers of sea.

These gleaming treasures, formed within oysters aged six months to two years, can be crafted into various adornments like rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Discover the artistry behind jewelry-making, while also appreciating the diverse uses of oyster shells, from buttons to intricate art pieces. Explore the history, culture, and craftsmanship that make Phu Quoc a pearl haven.

We hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or to share your experience in Phu Quoc!

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