Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods

where to stay in hanoi

Are you looking for the perfect stay in Hanoi, Vietnam, a city that enchants with its welcoming culture, rich history, and mouthwatering yet affordable cuisine?

I’m just like you, captivated by the scents, sights, and tastes of Hanoi. From the enchanting unknown to the magical flavors of local food, Hanoi remains one of my favorite cities. But with its vastness, finding the right spot amidst the bustling energy can be tricky. Fortunately, I’ve penned down this Hanoi guide, drawing from personal experiences, to ensure you discover the perfect neighborhood that aligns with your travel goals.

  • Hoan Kiem (Old Quarter) – The Pulsating Heart: Immerse yourself in Hanoi’s chaotic charm, exploring vibrant markets, ancient temples, and savoring street food in the city’s beating heart.
  • Tay Ho – Lakeside Tranquility: Escape to Tay Ho for serene lakeside strolls, cultural landmarks, and a nightlife that blends sophistication with vibrant energy.
  • Ba Dinh – Historical Tranquility: Unwind amidst colonial architecture, lush boulevards, and historical monuments in this secure and family-friendly district.
  • Hai Ba Trung – Cultural Hub: Experience Hanoi’s cultural tapestry with galleries, museums, and affordable local cuisine in this dynamic and less touristy district.
  • Truc Bach – Backpacker’s Retreat: Discover the calm side of Hanoi with lakeside reading, boat rides, and cultural exploration in one of the city’s oldest suburbs.
  • Thanh Xuan – Budgeter’s Paradise: Enjoy budget-friendly accommodations, diverse dining options, and luxury shopping in this urban area with a youthful vibe.
  • Cầu Giấy – Local Authenticity: Immerse yourself in local life, explore parks, and indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine away from the tourist buzz.

In this personalized “Where to Stay in Hanoi: Best & Safest Neighborhoods” article, I share my Hanoi insights to make your visit as enchanting and memorable as mine.

Where to Stay in Hanoi for First Time Visitors: Hoan Kiem (Hanoi Old & French Quarters)

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

If you’re a first-time visitor to Hanoi, Hoan Kiem, encompassing the Old and French Quarters, is an ideal starting point. Located in the heart of Hanoi’s commercial hub, Hoan Kiem boasts must-see attractions like the National Museum of Vietnamese History, the Hanoi Opera House, and the serene Ngoc Son Temple. What makes this area special is its proximity to the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, offering a picturesque setting and a pleasant walk enveloped by a refreshing breeze.

While the Old Quarter to the North showcases charming colonial architecture, art galleries, and bustling street markets, it’s renowned as the go-to spot for backpackers. The vibrant streets teem with tiny shops and street vendors serving delectable Vietnamese delights, creating a lively atmosphere. Don’t miss the Saturday night market, transforming the streets into a spectacle of vendors and performers, providing both a visual and culinary feast.

On the southern side of Hoan Kiem Lake lies the Hanoi French Quarter, home to luxury hotels, government offices, embassies, and upscale shopping malls. This quieter area is favored by expats and features high-end restaurants and designer bars. It’s the perfect contrast to the lively Old Quarter, offering a more serene ambiance for those seeking a relaxed stay.

Why Stay in Hoan Kiem?

For first-time visitors to Hanoi, opting for accommodation in Hoan Kiem, encapsulating the Old and French Quarters, is a strategic choice. This vibrant neighborhood serves as the epicenter of Hanoi’s historical and cultural essence, hosting landmarks like the National Museum of Vietnamese History, Hanoi Opera House, and Ngoc Son Temple. If you’re keen on exploring cultural and historical attractions, Hoan Kiem is the place to be.

Things to See and Do in Hoan Kiem

  • Dong Xuan Market: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dong Xuan Market, a bustling marketplace in the heart of Hoan Kiem.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake: Take a leisurely stroll around the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake, enjoying its serene beauty and perhaps witnessing locals practicing Tai Chi.
  • St Joseph’s Cathedral: Marvel at the architectural splendor of St Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi’s oldest Roman Catholic Church.
  • Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre: Indulge in the traditional art form of water puppetry with a captivating live performance at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre.
  • Hoa Lo Prison Museum: Explore the historical significance of Hoa Lo Prison Museum, offering insights into the Vietnam War and housing both Vietnamese revolutionaries and American POWs.
  • Hanoi Weekend Night Market: Experience the lively Hanoi Weekend Night Market for a nocturnal shopping spree and authentic Vietnamese souvenirs.
  • Bach Ma Temple and Temple of the Jade Mountain: Visit the historic Bach Ma Temple and the majestic Temple of the Jade Mountain.
  • Xoi Xeo and Xuan Xuan Hanoi: Delight your taste buds with Vietnamese cuisine, from the delicious Xoi Xeo to savoring the best of BBQ at Xuan Xuan Hanoi.
  • Legend Beer Hanoi and Bia Hoi Junction: Enjoy a refreshing pint at Legend Beer Hanoi or join the lively atmosphere at Bia Hoi Junction for some affordable local beer.
  • Vietnamese Egg Coffee: Experience the unique flavor of Vietnamese Egg Coffee at Hoan Kiem Lake, with popular spots like Cafe Giang and Cafe Dinh.
  • Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour: Go on a walking tour through the historic Old Quarter, exploring enchanting streets like Hang Ma, Ta Hien, and Hang Duong.
  • Street Food Scene: Dive into Hanoi’s renowned street food scene, navigating the alleyways of Hoan Kiem to discover an array of stalls, restaurants, and markets offering delectable local cuisine.

What’s the Catch in Hoan Kiem?

Hoan Kiem’s vitality comes with a few considerations for first-time visitors. Streets bustling with both locals and tourists characterize the area, ensuring a lively atmosphere but also an inevitable buzz of activity, complete with honking and bustling traffic. Parking can be a challenge, and accommodations may lack it altogether, often situating above businesses. Keep in mind that the more budget-friendly options might lead you to older, slightly worn rooms or windowless spaces tucked away down narrow alleyways.

Is Hoan Kiem Safe?

Hoan Kiem, encompassing the Old and French Quarters, is generally safe for first-time visitors in Hanoi, known as one of the safer capitals in the region. While exploring popular spots like the Old Quarter, be mindful of pickpockets. Like any tourist hub, scams are a possibility. Pre-agree on service prices, exercise caution with overly friendly street vendors, and ensure taxi meters are on to enhance your safety while navigating this vibrant district of Hanoi.

Where to Stay in Hoan Kiem

Best Backpacker Hostel in Hoan Kiem – Hanoi City Backpackers Hostel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Hanoi City Backpackers Hostel, centrally situated in Hanoi Old Quarter, offers easy access to attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake and the Water Puppet Theatre. With proximity to recommended dining and entertainment options, the hostel provides an ideal location. The English-speaking reception assists with tourist information and currency exchange. Guests enjoy amenities such as free WiFi, and the hostel features a happy hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Promising the comfiest beds in Vietnam, it caters to the comfort and convenience of travelers in the heart of Hanoi.

Best Digital Nomad Hostel in Hoan Kiem – Hanoi Buffalo Hostel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Hanoi Buffalo Hostel, situated in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, caters to digital nomads with modern amenities. Positioned near the bustling Beer Hoi corner, it offers convenient access to tourist attractions, bars, and restaurants. The hostel boasts extras like an onsite bar with a swimming pool, a comfortable TV and waiting room, and a 24-hour reception with dedicated staff. Guests enjoy complimentary daily offerings such as buffet breakfast, walking tours, nightly beer, and pub crawls, along with access to coworking spaces. The hostel aims to ensure guests have an exceptional stay with its diverse range of amenities and services.

Budget & Family Friendly Hotel in Hoan Kiem – Hanoi Diamond King Hotel & Travel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Hanoi Diamond King Hotel & Travel, centrally positioned in the renowned Hanoi Old Quarter, offers air-conditioned rooms with parquet flooring, featuring amenities like a wardrobe, flat-screen cable TV, and minibar. Each room has an en suite bathroom with options of a hairdryer, bathtub or shower, and complimentary toiletries. The hotel provides services such as luggage storage, laundry, and car rental upon guest request. With a prime location and essential facilities, it caters to the needs of visitors exploring the heart of Hanoi.

Mid-Range & Family Friendly Hotel in Hoan Kiem – Veshia Hotel & Spa

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Veshia Hotel & Spa, a 4-star establishment in Hanoi, offers air-conditioned rooms with amenities like a desk, flat-screen TV, and private bathroom. The hotel provides free WiFi, a shared lounge, and a terrace, along with a shared kitchen, room service, and currency exchange. Guests can enjoy daily breakfast with buffet, continental, and American options. The accommodation, featuring a 24-hour front desk and concierge service, is strategically located near Hanoi Old City Gate, Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, and Hoan Kiem Lake.

Best Luxury 5 Star Hotel in Hoan Kiem – Peridot Grand Luxury Boutique Hotel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Peridot Grand Hotel & Spa in Hanoi is a 5-star establishment with 2 on-site restaurants, 3 bars, an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, and spa. The hotel provides a shared lounge, concierge service, 24-hour front desk, room service, and currency exchange. Rooms feature air conditioning, flat-screen TV, kettle, bidet, and free WiFi. The private bathrooms include a shower and complimentary toiletries. Guests can opt for a continental or buffet breakfast. The hotel offers a sun terrace, and guests can engage in activities such as cycling. With luxurious amenities, Peridot Grand Hotel & Spa ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Hanoi.

Where to Stay in Hanoi for Nightlife & Expats: Tay Ho (Hanoi West Lake)

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

For those seeking vibrant nightlife and a haven for expats in Hanoi, Tay Ho, commonly known as Hanoi West Lake, is the perfect choice. Just a half-hour taxi ride from the bustling Old Quarters, Tay Ho offers a serene escape with its range of accommodations, lakeside restaurants, cafes, and bars. Popular among expats and family holidaymakers, the area boasts remarkable Buddhist structures like Tran Quoc Pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple, showcasing the artistic brilliance of the Vietnamese.

Tay Ho’s weekend market is a treasure trove for traditional goods and authentic Vietnamese cuisine at budget-friendly prices. For a unique culinary experience, venture into the tiny corner shops bustling with locals, providing an immersive glimpse into their culture. Karaoke bars draw both locals and visitors, making Tay Ho the go-to spot for lively parties and enjoyment. If you’re pondering where to stay in Hanoi for a lively nightlife experience, Tay Ho is your best bet.

Why Stay in Tay Ho?

Choosing Tay Ho, Hanoi West Lake, for your stay is a nightlife enthusiast’s dream. The area comes alive after dark, with many clubs and bars keeping their doors open until 3 am. Be prepared to explore by motorbike or taxi, as these vibrant nightlife spots are spread out. The abundance of accommodations near lakeside restaurants and cafes ensures a lively atmosphere. Tay Ho is not just about nightlife; it also boasts historical and sightseeing locations, conveniently accessible by a short stroll or a quick ride on public transportation. Whether you’re into late-night parties or daytime explorations, Tay Ho caters to both in the heart of Hanoi.

Things to See and Do in Tay Ho

  • Tran Quoc Pagoda and Tay Ho Temple: Begin your exploration with a visit to Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vietnam’s oldest temple, or the enchanting Tay Ho Temple, both reflecting rich cultural and historical significance.
  • Tay Ho Lake Walk: Take a leisurely walk around the scenic Tay Ho Lake, immersing yourself in the tranquility of this picturesque area.
  • Hanoi Rock City and The Sidewalk Bar & Grill: Experience the vibrant arts and music scene by catching a lively show at Hanoi Rock City or enjoying musical performances at The Sidewalk Bar & Grill.
  • Savage Club Hanoi: Dive into the active nightlife of Tay Ho at Savage Club Hanoi, where you can dance to classy house and techno beats.
  • Oriberry and Sunset Bar: Start your day with a flavorful coffee from Oriberry, then unwind with cool cocktails while enjoying the sunset at Sunset Bar.
  • Tay Ho Weekend Market: Explore the Tay Ho Weekend Market on Fridays, combining a delightful shopping experience with tantalizing tastes.
  • West Lake Water Park: Spend a fun-filled day at West Lake Water Park, known for thrilling water slides suitable for all ages.
  • Quan Thanh Temple: Discover the historical Quan Thanh Temple, showcasing the architectural elegance of the Ly Dynasty and guarding ancient gateways of Thang Long Imperial City.

What’s the Catch in Tay Ho?

While Tay Ho, Hanoi West Lake, is a nightlife haven, it comes with a few considerations. The area’s isolation and distance from the city center may give the feeling of being outside typical Vietnamese hustle and bustle. With more apartment rentals than hotels, it caters more to long-term residents than short-term visitors. For those keen on exploring the Old Quarter frequently, Tay Ho’s distance can be a drawback, making it less than ideal for first-time visitors to Hanoi seeking a central location for their stay.

Is Tay Ho Safe?

Tay Ho, Hanoi West Lake, is generally safe, but like any nightlife districts, certain areas with bars and nightclubs might have occasional challenges. Late into the night, you might encounter the occasional drunk individual, aggressive vendor, or potential scam artist. Staying vigilant during your nocturnal adventures is advisable to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in this vibrant part of Hanoi.

Where to Stay in Tay Ho

Best Backpacker Hostel in Tay Ho – Tuna Hostel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Tuna Hostel, located steps from Hanoi’s West Lake, provides an ideal setting for travel or business trips. The homestay offers a separate area for work, reading, and amenities like a stove and refrigerator. Rooms feature balconies, large windows, and 24/7 air conditioning. Guests can rent motorbikes, book tours, and access services such as laundry and currency exchange. The French-style villa, designed for cultural exchange, boasts modern and comfortable dormitory beds with personal lockers. The space is adorned in white with rustic brown furniture, providing a cozy atmosphere. Tuna Hostel offers a peaceful ambiance with picturesque views from the spacious balcony overlooking West Lake. Facilities include a garden, bar, free water, shared lounge, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Mid-Range & Family Friendly Hotel in Tay Ho – MoonLight Tay Ho

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Located in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district near West Lake, MoonLight Tay Ho is an apartment complex offering family rooms and amenities. The property features a garden and a washing machine, with free private parking and an elevator available. Each unit includes a wardrobe, flat-screen TV, and private bathroom with a bidet and bathrobes. Some rooms offer a terrace with free WiFi, and all units are equipped with air conditioning and a desk. MoonLight Tay Ho includes a picnic area, providing a pleasant outdoor space for guests to enjoy. The apartment complex combines convenience and comfort in a vibrant district of Hanoi.

Best Luxury 5 Star Hotel in Tay Ho – Elegant Suites Westlake

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Elegant Suites Westlake offers spacious studios and apartments with self-catering facilities and free WiFi. The accommodations include air-conditioned living spaces with seating and dining areas, along with a fully-equipped kitchen featuring a stove, microwave, and refrigerator. Each unit comes with amenities like a flat-screen cable TV, safe, washing machine, and a private bathroom with a bath, shower, and hairdryer. The property provides complimentary private parking, a 24-hour front desk, garden, and terrace. Additional facilities include a shared lounge, ticket service, and a tour desk, ensuring convenience and comfort for guests at Elegant Suites Westlake.

Where to Stay in Hanoi for Families: Ba Dinh

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Located in peaceful surroundings, Ba Dinh District in Hanoi offers an ideal retreat for families seeking a break from the bustling Hoan Kiem area. Renowned for its tranquility, this neighborhood is a haven for those looking to enjoy a serene atmosphere. Ba Dinh is a historical hub, boasting Hanoi’s significant monuments such as the Presidential Palace, Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, and the iconic One Pillar Pagoda. Ho Chi Minh’s choice to build his mausoleum here underscores the district’s mesmerizing beauty and calm ambiance.

Beyond historical landmarks, Ba Dinh caters to families with a variety of wonderful hotels, upscale restaurants, and bars overlooking the stunning Hanoi Botanical Gardens. The district’s security is heightened, given its residence by numerous government officials. Consequently, nightlife is primarily confined to the secure premises of hotels, restaurants, and bars, ensuring a peaceful and secure environment for families exploring Hanoi.

Why Stay in Ba Dinh?

For a peaceful escape in Hanoi, Ba Dinh District is the perfect choice. Away from the bustling crowds, its proximity to government offices ensures a quiet atmosphere, particularly at night, as strict regulations limit noisy nightlife. With large colonial buildings and serene tree-lined boulevards, Ba Dinh offers tranquility in an urban setting. Popular among expats for its solemnity, remarkable architecture, and distinct vibe compared to busier areas, it’s also home to some of Hanoi’s top international schools. If you seek a quiet, family-friendly stay with cultural richness, Ba Dinh provides the ideal setting in the heart of Hanoi.

Things to See and Do in Ba Dinh

  • Imperial Citadel of Thang Long: Explore the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting a rich historical legacy that captivates visitors.
  • Museum of Artillery: Art enthusiasts can marvel at over 8,000 original artifacts at the Museum of Artillery, offering insights into Vietnam’s military history.
  • Temple of Literature: Visit the Temple of Literature, a tribute to revered scholars in Vietnam, featuring splendid architecture and cultural significance.
  • Ho Chi Minh Museum: Delve into the life of Ho Chi Minh, a key figure in Vietnamese history, at the Ho Chi Minh Museum, providing valuable insights into the nation’s revolutionary past.
  • Vietnamese Presidential Palace and Ba Dinh Square: Roam the grounds of the Vietnamese Presidential Palace and stand at the center of Ba Dinh Square, where the Proclamation of Independence was declared in 1945.
  • Local Specialties: Indulge in local culinary delights such as rice noodle rolls and savory Banh xeo pancakes, experiencing the unique flavors of Ba Dinh District.
  • Hanoi Botanical Garden: Conclude your exploration with a visit to the Hanoi Botanical Garden, where you can immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and enjoy the fragrant roses.

What’s the Catch in Ba Dinh?

While Ba Dinh offers tranquility, it may be farther from the city center depending on your location within the district, potentially leading to longer commutes. Pollution can accumulate, impacting air quality. During peak hours, traffic congestion is common, making it advisable to avoid road travel, especially with kids. Consider these factors to ensure a well-informed and enjoyable stay for families in Ba Dinh, balancing the serene atmosphere with logistical considerations.

Is Ba Dinh Safe?

Ba Dinh is generally safe, but as in all of Hanoi, traffic can be chaotic, with thousands of motorbikes. Exercise caution when getting on or off a bus or crossing the street, especially with your family. The district is highly secured due to its residents from the ministry and government departments, contributing to a safe environment for families.

Where to Stay in Ba Dinh

Budget Hotel in Ba Dinh – HANA Stay

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

HANA Stay, a sustainable aparthotel in Hanoi, offers a bar and city views. The accommodation includes a 24-hour front desk, lift, and luggage storage. Each unit features a well-equipped kitchenette, safety deposit box, flat-screen TV, ironing facilities, desk, and a seating area with a sofa. Private bathrooms come with a walk-in shower and bathrobes, and units also offer free WiFi. The aparthotel provides bed linen and towels. Guests can dine in the family-friendly restaurant on-site, open for dinner, lunch, brunch, and cocktails. HANA Stay is especially appreciated by solo travelers for its location and amenities.

Mid-Range & Family Friendly Hotel in Ba Dinh with a Pool – FTE Ba Dinh Hotel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

FTE Ba Dinh Hotel in Hanoi features a fitness center, garden, shared lounge, and terrace. The hotel offers room service, a restaurant, and an outdoor pool. Amenities include a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, a shared kitchen, and free WiFi. The air-conditioned units include a seating area, flat-screen TV, safety deposit box, and a private bathroom with a bidet, free toiletries, and a hairdryer. Some rooms have a balcony and city views. FTE Ba Dinh Hotel provides a comfortable stay with essential amenities, including bed linen and towels, catering to the needs of its guests in Hanoi.

Affordable Boutique Hotel in Ba Dinh – The Flower Boutique Hotel & Travel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

The Flower Boutique Hotel & Travel, a 4-star hotel in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh district, offers a tour desk and luggage storage. The accommodation includes air-conditioned rooms with amenities such as a desk, kettle, fridge, minibar, safety deposit box, flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom with a bidet. Some rooms feature a kitchen with an oven, microwave, and stovetop. The hotel provides a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, concierge service, and free WiFi. Guests can enjoy buffet, à la carte, or continental breakfast options each morning. The Flower Boutique Hotel & Travel combines convenience and comfort for a pleasant stay in Hanoi.

Where to Stay in Hanoi for Culture: Hai Ba Trung

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Situated south of Hoan Kiem and the lake, Hai Ba Trung offers a unique cultural experience in Hanoi. Despite its dense population, this district is less frequented by budget hotels and tourists, providing an authentic immersion into Vietnamese culture near the city center. English is not widely spoken, enhancing the opportunity to embrace local traditions.

Hai Ba Trung stands out for its vibrant shopping scene and diverse culinary options. Explore Mai Hac De Street and Nguyen Cong Tru Street for a delectable array of street food and authentic Vietnamese restaurants. For those inclined towards shopping, Hue and Bach Mai streets are the go-to spots, offering a rich cultural experience through clothing and local goods.

Why Stay in Hai Ba Trung?

Choosing to stay in Hai Ba Trung offers a unique cultural immersion in Hanoi. Positioned as one of the city’s centers, it pulsates with cultural richness without the bustling crowds of Hoan Kiem. Home to galleries, museums, and prestigious universities, the district breathes art and intellect. Affordable local restaurants and cafes dot the area, providing budget-friendly culinary delights. As Hai Ba Trung hosts numerous universities, accommodations and essentials come at reasonable prices, allowing you to fully embrace Hanoi’s culture without breaking the bank.

Things to See and Do in Hai Ba Trung

  • Hai Ba Trung Street and Hai Ba Trung Temple: Take a leisurely stroll along bustling Hai Ba Trung Street, and don’t miss the beautiful Hai Ba Trung Temple for a cultural experience.
  • Union Park: Enjoy a breath of fresh air at Union Park, a green oasis in Central Hanoi, perfect for relaxation amid the city bustle.
  • Thien Quang Lake: Spend a relaxing day on the shores of Thien Quang Lake, soaking in the serene atmosphere.
  • The Women’s Museum: Explore The Women’s Museum, gaining insights into the significant contributions of women to Vietnam’s culture and history.
  • Times City: Indulge in a shopping spree at Times City, a massive complex offering a variety of retail options.
  • The Bank Hanoi: Experience vibrant nightlife by dancing the night away at The Bank Hanoi, the largest nightclub in the area.
  • Bun Cha Huong Lien: Delight your taste buds with fresh and delicious Vietnamese dishes at Bun Cha Huong Lien, a local culinary gem.
  • Xu Restaurant Lounge: Sip sophisticated cocktails at Xu Restaurant Lounge, providing a chic and stylish ambiance.
  • Food Tour at the Golden Triangle: Explore the Golden Triangle, home to major universities, for an affordable and diverse food tour.
  • Hom Market: Immerse yourself in the local culture by shopping at Hom Market, where you can experience the daily lives of the locals.
  • Thong Nhat Park: Stay active and enjoy open-air exercise at Thong Nhat Park, a popular spot for outdoor activities.

What’s the Catch in Hai Ba Trung?

Hai Ba Trung offers a cultural haven, but it comes with a few considerations. While prices are comparable to the Old Quarter, the district is slightly farther away from some Western conveniences. The availability of budget hotels is limited, and English is not widely spoken, adding an extra layer of authenticity but potentially requiring more effort in communication.

Is Hai Ba Trung Safe?

Hai Ba Trung is generally safe, following the safety standards of Hanoi. However, as a general rule, it’s advisable to exercise caution, especially in poorly lit and deserted areas during the nighttime. Staying aware of your surroundings is a good practice to ensure a safe and enjoyable cultural experience in this vibrant district of Hanoi.

Where to Stay in Hai Ba Trung

Budget & Family Friendly Hotel in Hai Ba Trung – FlowerGod Apartments – BlackPink HomeStay

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

FlowerGod Apartments – BlackPink HomeStay in Hanoi is a recently renovated property offering soundproof units and free WiFi. The accommodations feature air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchenette, flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom with a bidet, bathrobes, and a hairdryer. Additional amenities include an oven, microwave, and kettle. The property provides luggage storage and room service, catering to guests’ convenience. With modern facilities and a comfortable setup, FlowerGod Apartments – BlackPink HomeStay is designed to enhance the stay of visitors in Hanoi.

Affordable Boutique Hotel in Hai Ba Trung – Emerald Boutique Hotel

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Emerald Boutique Hotel, situated near Trang Tien Plaza in Hanoi, provides 4-star accommodation with free bikes, a shared lounge, and a restaurant. The hotel offers a range of services, including a hot tub, car rental, 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service, and free WiFi. The air-conditioned rooms feature a seating area, flat-screen TV with cable channels, safety deposit box, and a private bathroom with a bidet, free toiletries, and a hairdryer. Some units offer city views, and all rooms are equipped with a kettle and fridge. Guests can enjoy buffet or continental breakfast options during their stay at Emerald Boutique Hotel.

Where to Stay in Hanoi for Backpackers: Truc Bach

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Located around Truc Bach Lake, one of Hanoi’s oldest suburbs, Truc Bach offers backpackers a unique retreat. The area holds historical significance as the site where John McCain crashed during the Vietnam War, now marked by a memorial. This tranquil district provides a quieter alternative close to the city center. With an array of bars and restaurants lining the lake, Truc Bach offers a laid-back environment for travelers. Ideal for backpackers seeking proximity to Hanoi’s hustle with a serene ambiance, Truc Bach stands out as a haven with its historical charm and peaceful surroundings.

Why Stay in Truc Bach?

Staying in Truc Bach means immersing yourself in one of Hanoi’s oldest suburbs, dating back to the 17th century. The area revolves around the picturesque Truc Bach Lake, renowned for the iconic floating boat of Highlands Coffee. While maintaining Hanoi’s vibrant atmosphere, Truc Bach distinguishes itself with a more relaxed environment. Locals leisurely go about their day, offering a glimpse into a slower-paced lifestyle. This district, with its backpacking hostels and affordable accommodations, caters specifically to backpackers seeking a tranquil yet culturally rich experience, making Truc Bach an ideal base for budget-conscious travelers in Hanoi.

Things to See and Do in Truc Bach

  • Truc Bach Lakeside: Unwind with a good book lakeside, enjoying the tranquility of Truc Bach—a perfect spot for relaxation.
  • Boat Rental on Truc Bach Lake: Create lasting family memories by renting a boat and paddling on Truc Bach Lake, a delightful activity for all.
  • Tan Quoc Pagoda: Immerse yourself in cultural richness by visiting Tan Quoc Pagoda, a historical and serene Buddhist temple.
  • Quan Thanh Taoist Temple: Marvel at the majesty of Quan Thanh Taoist Temple, an architectural gem known for its historical significance.
  • Phan Dinh Phung Street: Take a leisurely stroll along the expansive Phan Dinh Phung Street, appreciating the heritage architecture that lines the way.
  • The Bookworm: If you’re a book enthusiast, visit The Bookworm to discover a wide selection and perhaps find a copy of your favorite book.
  • Chè Treat: Indulge your taste buds with a refreshing local treat, Chè, made with coconut milk and shaved ice, as you explore the streets.
  • Hanoi Cooking Center: For culinary enthusiasts, join a cooking class at the Hanoi Cooking Center and learn to prepare delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

What’s the Catch in Truc Bach?

Truc Bach, while a backpacker’s haven, has a couple of considerations. The lake occasionally emits an unpleasant odor, affecting the overall ambiance. Additionally, prices in Truc Bach can be slightly higher compared to neighboring districts like Tay Ho. Despite these factors, the district retains its charm, offering a peaceful escape with its unique atmosphere and backpacker-friendly accommodations.

Is Truc Bach Safe?

Truc Bach is generally safe for backpackers, but respecting local customs is paramount. Show consideration, especially at religious or historical sites, and adhere to modest dress codes to avoid unnecessary attention.

Where to Stay in Truc Bach

Budget & Family Friendly Hotel in Truc Bach – La Santé Hotel & Spa

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

La Sante Hotel & Spa, located near Truc Bach Lake and West Lake, operates a 24-hour front desk and offers comfortable rooms with modern décor. The hotel provides free WiFi throughout the property. Air-conditioned rooms feature parquet flooring and amenities such as a wardrobe, flat-screen cable TV, minibar, and seating area. En suite bathrooms include a hairdryer, bathtub, shower facilities, and complimentary toiletries. Guests can request services like luggage storage, laundry, and ironing. Vietnamese and international cuisines are served for buffet breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. La Sante Hotel & Spa ensures a convenient and enjoyable stay in Hanoi.

Affordable Luxury Hotel in Truc Bach – Le Jardin Hotel Haute Couture

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Le Jardin Hotel Haute Couture offers elegant rooms with panoramic views of Hanoi city and Hoan Kiem Lake. The rooms feature modern comforts such as free bottled water, Wi-Fi, tea/coffee makers, satellite TV, and bathrobes. Room service is available for added convenience. The hotel includes a bar and cafe with an open-air dining option, allowing guests to enjoy drinks and light snacks while soaking up the atmosphere of picturesque Hanoi streets. A tour desk is available to provide information on local attractions, enhancing the overall experience at Le Jardin Hotel Haute Couture in Hanoi.

Where to Stay in Hanoi for Budget Travelers & Shopping: Thanh Xuan

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

West of Hai Ba Trung, Thanh Xuan emerges as a prime destination for budget travelers in Hanoi. The district, influenced by its numerous universities, exudes a youthful energy. Budget-friendly accommodations, ranging from room rentals to affordable hotels, cater to the student population. Thanh Xuan’s heavy student presence also translates to economical dining and entertainment choices, perfect for budget-conscious travelers.

Beyond its budget-friendly allure, Thanh Xuan surprises with the Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, a vast luxury shopping and entertainment complex. Here, visitors can explore a range of amenities, including a skating rink, waterpark, restaurants, and meticulously landscaped gardens, offering a blend of budget options and upscale experiences in this dynamic Hanoi district.

Why Stay in Thanh Xuan?

Choosing Thanh Xuan for your stay in Hanoi is a smart move for budget travelers. Despite its modern and urban atmosphere just a few kilometers from the Old Quarter, this district offers a plethora of affordable accommodations. Thanh Xuan boasts budget-friendly restaurants, cafes, bars, and entertainment options, ensuring an economical yet enjoyable stay. While home to the luxurious Vincom Mega Royal City shopping mall, Thanh Xuan also surprises with numerous small boutiques and shops, catering to those on a tight budget. Experience the best of both worlds in Thanh Xuan—modern amenities without breaking the bank.

Things to See and Do in Thanh Xuan

  • Rooftop Café Experience: Immerse yourself in Thanh Xuan’s modern and youthful atmosphere by chilling at rooftop cafes. Check out Trill, situated on the 16th floor of the 1st Nguyen Nhu Kon Tum Building, for panoramic views.
  • Thanh Xuan Park: Enjoy the greenery and scenic beauty at Thanh Xuan Park, spanning 13.2 hectares. This recreational space offers stunning views of the city and Nhan Chinh Lake, providing a serene escape for sports and entertainment.
  • Luxury Shopping at Royal City: Indulge in a bout of window shopping at Royal City, a prominent shopping center in Hanoi. Housing luxury shops and high-end brands, it’s a commercial hub with entertainment centers, restaurants, and cafes for a delightful shopping experience.

What’s the Catch in Thanh Xuan?

Despite catering to budget travelers, Thanh Xuan is also home to the luxurious Vincom Mega Mall Royal City. While this adds a touch of upscale shopping and entertainment, it’s essential to note that not all aspects of the district align with budget constraints. Prices in certain areas, especially around the mega mall, might be higher compared to other districts in Hanoi.

Is Thanh Xuan Safe?

Thanh Xuan is generally safe for budget travelers, but like any city, Hanoi’s intense heat can be challenging, particularly in summer. Stay hydrated with bottled water, avoiding ice of unknown origin. Prioritize reputable eateries, and if indulging in street food, opt for vendors with high turnover and local patronage.

Where to Stay in Thanh Xuan

Best Budget & Family Friendly Hotel in Thanh Xuan – MIA HOTEL

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MIA HOTEL in Hanoi offers 4-star accommodation with a fitness center, free private parking, and a garden. The hotel is located 3.1 km from Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh. Each room provides city views, and guests have access to a terrace and a bar. Amenities include a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service, and free WiFi. The air-conditioned guest rooms feature a seating area, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, safety deposit box, and a private bathroom with a bidet, free toiletries, and a hairdryer. À la carte breakfast is available, and the area is popular for cycling, with bike and car hire services offered at MIA HOTEL.

Where to Stay in Hanoi for Local Authenticity: Cầu Giấy

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 7 Best & Safest Neighborhoods -

Cầu Giấy, centered around its serene park with footpaths and a lake, provides a laid-back escape for Hanoi travelers. The Museum of Ethnology showcases traditional houses and folk artifacts, contributing to the area’s cultural richness. Renowned for its authentic Vietnamese restaurants, Cầu Giấy stands as a delightful deviation from the beaten path of Hanoi tourism. This district beckons those seeking local authenticity, offering a tranquil ambiance and a genuine taste of Vietnamese culture within its offbeat charm.

Why Stay in Cầu Giấy?

Choosing to stay in Cầu Giấy is a unique blend of off-the-beaten-path charm and tourist attractions. Located in the heart of Cầu Giấy Park, this area offers a laid-back yet vibrant ambiance. With a mix of traditional houses, folk artifacts, museums, and authentic Vietnamese restaurants, Cầu Giấy provides a perfect balance between tourist experiences and local authenticity. Contrasting with the bustling Old Quarter, staying here immerses you in modern local life, offering a genuine perspective and a chance to explore Hanoi from a more authentic and less explored angle.

Things to See and Do in Cầu Giấy

  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: Explore the rich cultural tapestry of Vietnam at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. This highly recommended museum in Hanoi presents the fascinating diversity and unique customs of the country’s minority groups, offering valuable insights into its heritage.
  • Hieu Street Dining Experience: Delight your taste buds at Hieu Street, hailed as the food capital of the district. Indulge in culinary delights at renowned establishments like Pho Ban Tran Toan and Bun Bo Hue O Hien, where you can savor some of the best dishes Cầu Giấy has to offer.
  • Nghia Do and Cu Giay Park: Immerse yourself in nature at two of Cầu Giấy’s iconic parks, Nghia Do and Cu Giay Park. These green spaces provide a serene environment for leisurely strolls, outdoor activities, and relaxation, offering a refreshing escape from the urban hustle.

What’s the Catch in Cầu Giấy?

While Cầu Giấy offers a unique and authentic Hanoi experience, it’s essential to consider its distance from the city center. Exploring the tourist attractions in Hanoi may require significant time and money traveling back and forth from this laid-back district. If enticed by budget accommodations in Cầu Giấy, weigh the cost against the potential expenses and time associated with commuting to the city center.

Is Cầu Giấy Safe?

Cầu Giấy is generally safe, but it’s advisable to stay informed about air quality, especially on days with poor conditions. During such instances, limiting outdoor activities or wearing a mask with effective particulate matter filtration is recommended.

Where to Stay in Cầu Giấy

Mid-Range & Family Friendly Hotel in Cầu Giấy – Libra Hotel Residence

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Libra Hotel Residence offers sustainable 4-star accommodation in Hanoi’s Cau Giay district. The property features a 24-hour front desk, lift, and free WiFi. Services include airport transfers and a bicycle rental service. Air-conditioned units in the aparthotel include a seating area, flat-screen TV, kitchen, dining area, safety deposit box, and a private bathroom with a bidet, bathrobes, and slippers. Some units boast a terrace or balcony with city or quiet street views. A minimarket is available on-site. Libra Hotel Residence provides a rooftop pool and steam room for relaxation, along with an indoor pool for guests to enjoy.

So… Is Hanoi Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Hanoi is a dynamic tapestry of history, culture, and modernity, offering a feast for the senses. Whether you’re drawn to traditional temples, powerful pagodas, luxury hotels, or vibrant nightclubs, Hanoi has it all.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve unveiled the seven best places to stay, ensuring there’s an ideal spot for every traveler. If you’re still undecided, Hoan Kiem, with its pulsating energy, might just be the perfect fit.

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