Airalo vs Airhub – Is Airalo Still the Best eSIM?

Airalo vs Airhub eSIM

If you’re like me and you frequently travel across multiple countries, it gets annoying to collect sim cards at each stop. Another downside is that there’s no one network that is best for all destinations. This is when I started using eSIMs. In this Airalo vs Airhub review, my goal here is to provide you an objective assessment that will remove the guesswork when picking your next SIM.

Two prominent contenders in this space are Airalo and Airhub. Having extensively used both Airalo and Airhub in my travels in both Asia and South America, I’m bringing you a hands-on comparison between these two eSIMs.

At first glance, both Airalo and Airhub stand out as reliable eSIM providers, each with its unique strengths. Airalo boasts an impressive coverage of 200+ countries, making it a go-to choice for globetrotters. On the other hand, Airhub emphasizes flexibility with a variety of plans tailored to different regions, ensuring you get the most out of your connectivity budget.

In my experience, Airhub fared better in giving me the internet connectivity I need to get my work done while on the road.

📋 Airalo vs Airhub: Which is Better?

Coverage: Airalo

Reliability: Airhub

Price: Airhub

Plan Variety: Airhub

User Experience: Airalo

Customer Support: Tie


But, the devil is in the details, so let’s delve into a detailed feature-by-feature comparison.

Coverage – Airalo vs Airhub

When it comes to coverage, Airalo’s claim of spanning 200+ countries and regions is impressive. It ensures you’re virtually connected wherever your adventures take you.

On the other hand, Airhub, while not covering as many countries, shines in providing robust plans tailored to specific regions. The winner depends on whether you prioritize global reach or regional specificity, but in this case, Airalo takes the win

Reliability – Airalo vs Airhub

Coverage does not equate to reliability. While coverage is all about many countries or regions an eSIM can cover, reliability is all about how usable and how strong is the internet is in the areas covered.

Sadly, Airalo’s extensive network coverage did not often translate to a more dependable connection, especially in remote or less-traveled areas. Airhub was more reliable in the areas it covered. It has the feature to switch to the strongest available networks in the country. This feature has been invaluable in my travels in Colombia, where internet signals get spotty depending on where you are in the country.

Airalo vs Airhub - Is Airalo Still the Best eSIM? -



Price – Airalo vs Airhub

Airhub emerges as the victor in the pricing arena, particularly for regional plans. Its diverse options and competitive rates make it far more superior choice for those with specific continent-focused travel plans.

Airalo, while offering a comprehensive global embrace, may come at a higher cost.

As an example, the Latin American plan for Airalo is 60 USD for just a measly 5GB while Airhub offers 200GB for 70 USD. The European plan for Airalo is priced at 20 USD for 5GB worth of data while Airhub offers four times the amount of data, plus calls and texts, for just 30 USD.

Airhub’s pricing offers more value for most plans, so this round goes to Airhub

Airalo vs Airhub - Is Airalo Still the Best eSIM? -



Plan Variety – Airalo vs Airhub

Airhub’s forte lies in plan variety, catering to different regions and traveler preferences. Whether you’re traversing Europe, Asia, or North America, Airhub’s plans are finely tuned to suit your data needs. There’s also more options to exclude or include SMS and calls for each destination country.

Airalo, while comprehensive, may lean more towards a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s mostly catered to offering data and offering SMS and calls only for select destinations.

Airhub has a clear advantage in this category.

Airalo vs Airhub - Is Airalo Still the Best eSIM? -



User Experience – Airalo vs Airhub

In terms of user experience and ease of use, both Airalo and Airhub try to simplify the process.

Among all eSIMs, Airalo may have the best user experience because of its very intuitive mobile app that makes buying a plan or topping up very easy.

Airhub also has its own version of a mobile app which also offers multiple methods for installation, including QR code scanning for simplicity and manual installation with step-by-step guidance.

However, some features are clearly lacking and it doesn’t even have a feature to know how much data you’ve used so far. You can easily check this on your phone’s data usage feature on settings, but having this on the mobile app just makes much more sense.

Customer Support – Airalo vs Airhub

When it comes to customer support, I’ve had mixed experiences with both Airalo and Airhub.

Airalo’s user-friendly app does not guarantee prompt support. While using Airalo in Thailand, my installation issues took at least two days to resolve because of the timezone differences. However, for quick and easy questions, they have a fairly good documentation to refer to.

Airhub, while generally supportive, has faced challenges with slower response times. The quality of support also depends on the person responding to your request. I found the best success when inquiring within work hours in the North American time zone.

Overall Winner – Airalo vs Airhub

In this showdown, Airhub is a clear winner. I’m giving greater weight on reliability and pricing, where Airhub excels more.

Airalo vs Airhub - Is Airalo Still the Best eSIM? -



There’s three features that differentiates Airhub over Airalo (or any other eSIM). First is it’s network switching feature, which allows you to get the strongest signal available wherever you are. Airalo plans are tied to only one network per country, which is makes it unreliable in remote locations.

Better regional pricing is another big consideration. Most travelers cover 2-3 countries within a region when traveling, so better pricing at the expense of less coverage is a compromise that most travelers can make to save more on data.

Lastly, it’s just hard to beat the variety of Airhub plans. Airalo usually have 1 to 3 data plans per country. Meanwhile, Airhub usually offers double that because they even offer SMS and call minutes for a cheaper price.

However, if your travels take you across continents frequently, Airalo’s expansive coverage ensures you’re never without connectivity.

Wrapping Up

In this head-to-head comparison of Airalo vs Airhub, Airhub emerges as the clear choice for those seeking a balance of reliability, affordability, and plan variety.

With its innovative network-switching feature, superior regional pricing, and a richer variety of plans accommodating different travel needs, Airhub stands as the go-to choice for savvy globetrotters.

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For those with a penchant for traveling multiple regions though, Airalo’s expansive coverage remains a better alternative.

Now, with insights into the nuanced strengths of Airalo and Airhub, take the plunge into enhanced travel connectivity.

Explore the detailed offerings, make an informed decision, and embark on your next adventure, seamlessly connected with Airhub. Elevate your connectivity journey, and let your eSIM be the reliable companion that fuels your wanderlust. Safe travels!

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