Definitive Guide to Airalo eSIM – All You Need To Know

Airalo eSIM Review

This is our Airalo eSIM review.

As a frequent traveler and remote worker, reliable internet connectivity is paramount to me. That’s why I’ve thoroughly explored multiple options like Airalo. My thoughts on Airalo can hopefully help you see if Airalo is the right fit for you.

In my review, I found Airalo to stand out as a strong eSIM provider, offering travelers extensive coverage that ensures connectivity in remote destinations and providing 5G speeds where available. However, installation can be frustrating and customer support can be better. If you can get past installation, Airalo can be a great companion in many trips around the world.

📋 Expert Rating on Airalo

Coverage: 9.5/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 8/10

Ease of Installation: 7.5/10

Customer Support: 6/10

Value-Added Services: 6/10

This comprehensive review will talk about the aspects you should keep an eye on when looking for eSIMs. That includes coverage, price, plan variety, ease of use, customer support, and other value-added features.

Let’s get started.

Airalo eSIM Overview

Airalo is renowned as one of the most popular eSIM providers, boasting coverage in 199 countries. I know they say on their website 200+ but that includes regions, but counting countries alone, it’s one less than they claimed.

Nonetheless, Airalo serves as a reliable digital travel companion, simplifying connectivity during your global adventures.

Instead of dealing with the intricacies of physical SIM cards, Airalo offers a seamless solution. Imagine getting off a plane in Bangkok. If you have Airalo installed, it will swiftly connect you to the local network, enabling you to figure out where your hostel is and find yourself an Uber ride to it.

The essence of Airalo is to provide you with uninterrupted communication and a hassle-free travel experience

Airalo eSIM Coverage

Airalo is one of the most extensive eSIM providers on the market. This vast coverage ensures that travelers can stay connected across a wide range of destinations.

It’s worth noting that Airalo’s claim of “200+ countries and regions” is just one short of this impressive milestone. Despite that, I got to give it props for covering countries where no eSIM provider would.

Definitive Guide to Airalo eSIM - All You Need To Know -

What does this mean for you? Whether you’re planning a European city-hopping tour, a beach vacation in Southeast Asia, or a safari in Africa, Airalo’s coverage ensures you’re rarely left without a signal.

However, it’s important to consider that while Airalo’s coverage is comprehensive, the quality of the network can vary from country to country. In some regions, you can enjoy lightning-fast 5G speeds, enabling seamless video calls and high-definition streaming. In others, you may encounter 3G speeds, which, while functional for basic connectivity, may not be suitable for data-intensive activities.

To be sure, you should check the data speed and the carrier available in your destination to ensure that it meets your needs.

📋 Airalo eSIM’s Coverage Score: 9.5/10

Plan Variety of Airalo eSIM

Plans are available for different travel needs, including single-country, regional, and global options, providing flexibility in choosing the right plan.

And for each country, Airalo offers a wide range of plan options with up to 15 plans available for a single country.

This versatility enables you to select plans that align precisely with you itineraries, whether you’re embarking on a short trip to a specific country or a more extended global adventure.

📋 Airalo eSIM’s Plan Variety Score: 8/10

Price of Airalo eSIM

Airalo offers competitive pricing, particularly in regions such as Asia and North America, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious travelers. As noted, they have global, regional, and country plans.

Their global plans are competitively priced at:

  • 1GB for 7 days – USD 9
  • 2GB – 15 days – USD 17
  • 3GB – 30 days – USD 24
  • 5GB – 60 days – USD 35
  • 10GB – 180 days – USD 59
  • 20GB – 365 days – USD 69

However, it’s important to note that Airalo’s Global Plan typically provides 3G speeds, which may not be ideal for data-intensive activities like streaming. If you’re looking for faster 4G speeds might need to explore costlier alternatives.

Regional plans, on the other hand, are good for certain regions like North America and Europe and not-so-great for regions like Africa and Caribbean. The chart below shows prices of each regional plan in USD.

1 GB @ 7 days
2GB @ 15 days
3GB @ 30 days
5GB @ 30 days
10GB @ 30 days
50GB @ 90 days
100GB @ 180 days
Latin America
Middle East
North America

You can offset your costs though with the company’s Loyalty Rewards program, which allows you to get credits.

Additionally, the absence of unlimited data options and potential price variability by region are factors you should consider when evaluating Airalo’s pricing

📋 Airalo eSIM’s Price Score: 8/10

Ease of Use of Airalo eSIM

Once installed, Airalo generally offers a user-friendly experience for travelers, allowing them to easily manage their eSIM and stay connected while abroad. Airalo’s mobile app is user-friendly and streamlines the process of managing and using your eSIM while traveling. You can easily monitor data usage, receive timely notifications, and even share data.

However, the installation process is not so straightforward, with some missing instructions on APN configuration.

Arrived in Germany, with my pixel 7 android phone. Could not get connected. Spent 3 hours with support to finally find out from senior reps that the APN is not downloaded properly.

For anyone travelling to Europe, this setting worked for us:
Name: Europe eSIM
APN: wbdata
MVNO value: 20801x
APN type: default, supl
MCC: 208
MNC: 01
Restart and it should get you 4g lte

Pawel R., September 18 Trustpilot review

I had the same experience when installing my eSIM in Thailand, and it unfortunately took two days to resolve because their customer support is in a North American timezone.

Nonetheless, once set up, it did work nicely.

📋 Airalo eSIM’s Ease of Use Score: 7.5/10

Airalo eSIM’s Customer Support

While Airalo’s eSIM service shines with its wide coverage and user-friendly app, the support experience can use some improvement.

The main channels to get support are through email and conveniently, on their mobile app.

However, as much as the app is intuitive, there’s some issues that can only be resolved through FAQ’s, and the responsiveness of their customer support does not help. Waiting for hours or even days to receive a reply, especially when facing connectivity issues during a trip, is frustrating and inconvenient. The slow customer support responses impact the score negatively.

Those who prize lightning-fast support might want to weigh their options and consider alternative eSIM providers, especially if seamless assistance is a top priority for their journeys.

📋 Airalo eSIM’s Customer Support Score: 6/10

Value-Added Features of Airalo eSIM

Among eSIM providers, Airalo does a great job in providing value-added features for customers. Some notable features are its loyalty program, its intuitive mobile app, it’s notification feature, and the availability of calls and SMS.

Definitive Guide to Airalo eSIM - All You Need To Know -

Loyalty Program
Airalo’s Loyalty Rewards program is the only one I’ve seen in the market. With each eSIM purchase, you’re not just buying connectivity; you’re earning rewards. You can get US$3 credit for every friend that signs up and completes a purchase. Your friends get US$3 off their first purchase.

You can use my referral code: CZARIN9000

The more eSIMs you buy, the more you save on future purchases. It’s a clever way to stretch your travel budget further and stay connected without breaking the bank.

For frequent globetrotters, this feature can be a game-changer, making Airalo a top choice.

Calls and SMS in the Global Plan 
The beauty of Airalo’s Global Plan is that it’s not just about data. It includes the essentials: calls and SMS. This means you can stay in touch with loved ones, colleagues, or local contacts wherever you roam.

No need to juggle multiple SIM cards or apps; Airalo’s Global Plan has your communication needs covered. It’s simplifies your travel experience and keeps you connected on all fronts.

User-Friendly App
The Airalo mobile app is known for its user-friendliness. Whether you’re a tech guru or someone who prefers a hassle-free experience, this app has you covered. Topping up your eSIM, purchasing plans, and managing your connectivity becomes a breeze. It’s great for travelers who want to travel light without the burden of laptops or complicated processes. Just a few taps, and you’re good to go.

Email Notification Feature 
Airalo knows that staying connected during your travels is non-negotiable. That’s where their email notification feature comes to the rescue. Imagine this: you’re exploring a remote corner of the world, and your eSIM data is about to expire. Airalo sends you an email alert, giving you ample time to renew your plan and ensure uninterrupted connectivity. It’s a simple yet invaluable feature that prevents those “Uh-oh, no more data!” moments during your adventures.

📋 Airalo eSIM’s Score on Value-added Features: 8/10


If you don’t see Airalo eSIM as a good fit for you, consider other alternatives.


Flexiroam offers eSIM services in over 150 countries, providing a wide range of coverage. It stands out for its data packages that can be used in multiple destinations, making it convenient for frequent travelers. Some users also reported that speed is better on Flexiroam. The Flexiroam app allows you to manage your eSIM easily and purchase data plans on the go.


Airhub eSIM is another reliable eSIM provider offering coverage in numerous countries. They offer very customizable data packages and provide both single-country and global eSIM options. Airhub also has a user-friendly app that simplifies the process of purchasing and managing your eSIM plans.


In terms of coverage, BNESIM eSIM is another good contender to Airalo. It offers eSIM services with coverage in over 170 countries. They provide competitive data plans and voice services, making it suitable for international travelers. Its biggest upside though is its non-expiring data. Buy it once and it’s yours until you finish them up. There’s no set days when it will be invalid. The BNESIM app allows for convenient management of your eSIM, including plan activation and balance checking.

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Wrapping Up

On this Airalo eSIM review, it shows that Airalo stands out as a strong eSIM provider, offering travelers extensive coverage in 199 countries, ensuring connectivity in remote destinations and providing 5G speeds where available. It caters to various travel needs with diverse plan options and enhances the experience with a Loyalty Rewards program and a notification feature. The user-friendly app simplifies the process, making it ideal for hassle-free travel.

📋 Overall Score


Like most things in life, it’s not perfect though. Its global plan operates mostly on 3G speeds on and it lacks unlimited data. It also does not offer non-expiring data like BNESIM. Pricing may not be budget-friendly for some, and slow customer support responses can be a downside, especially for urgent assistance.

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