Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024)

You got your backpack picked out? Great! How about your essential gear? Check. But don’t start heading out before you get your travel eSIM.

In this review, I’m providing a breakdown of the best eSIMs on the market so you don’t need to go through the same lengthy evaluation process that I did.

I’m an avid traveler who spends a quarter of each year residing and working outside of Canada, so internet connection is essential for me.

At the end of my evaluation process, I found that Airhub is the best option out there because of its reliability in the countries I’ve visited in both Asia and South America.

Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -

We’ve tested the top eSIMs on the market in Peru, and AIRHUB took the top spot. It’s the most reliable, giving us the strongest signal possible even at the highest altitudes and the deepest canyons of our hikes.

You’ll have the option to access multiple carriers when you sign up for an Airhub eSIM. Haven’t found any other eSIM that got that in the bag.

Each traveler has their own needs though so I’ve included my own take of the top eSIM brands out there.

Let’s get started.

Our best eSIMs for Travel

  1. Airhub – Best Overall for Travel (MOST reliable)
  2. Airalo – Best for convenience and user experience
  3. Holafly – Best for unthrottled data usage
  4. Nomad – Best for frequent short-term travelers
  5. Alosim – Best for those who don’t like surprises
  6. Instabridge – Best for value-add services
  7. BNESIM – Best for Non-Expiring Data
  8. Flexiroam – Best for those that love options but can’t be bothered with too many details
  9. Holiday – Best for a reliable SMS and data combo in Europe


Airhub is a top pick for travelers who want a wide range of plan options and the strongest signal possible wherever they go. They offer both prepaid and postpaid plans for added flexibility.

Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -

Pros of Airhub:

  • Diverse Plan Selection. Airhub stands out for its extensive library of data, voice, and SMS plans. With a wide range of options, you can select plans tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
  • Monthly Subscriptions. If you’re planning to stay in a country for an extended period, Airhub offers monthly subscription plans on some destinations, providing flexibility for longer-term travelers.
  • Transparent Service Providers. Airhub is transparent about its service providers for each country, allowing you to make informed decisions about the network quality and reliability.
  • Variety of Plans. One of Airhub’s major strengths is the variety and combination of plan options it offers per destination. You can choose from multiple plans, each varying in price, data allocation, and duration, giving you more control over your mobile connectivity.
  • Unlimited Plans. In select countries, Airhub offers unlimited data plans, providing peace of mind for data-heavy usage.
  • Global Coverage. Despite not having the largest number of countries covered, Airhub is among the best esims that offer high-quality plans for the countries it serves, making it a top choice for travelers to those destinations.
  • Value-Added Services. Some Airhub plans include unlimited voice minutes and SMS, providing an all-in-one solution for communication needs.
  • Network Savvy. If you purchase their Airhub branded plan, your eSIM automatically connects to the strongest network within an area, ensuring you get reliable and robust coverage wherever you roam.
  • Share the Data Love. With Airhub’s data-sharing feature, you can spread the connectivity wealth to other devices or even share it with fellow travelers.
  • Risk-Free Roaming. Airhub offers a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, providing peace of mind that you can try their services risk-free.

Cons of Airhub:

  • Limited Regional Plans. Airhub’s regional plans are primarily focused on Europe, leaving other continents with fewer options.
  • App Usability. While Airhub offers an app, it may not provide the same level of advanced features or user-friendliness as some competing eSIM apps.
  • Support Snags. A few travelers have reported slower response times and challenges in getting support from Airhub, which can be a bit frustrating. I found though that emailing them instead of using the website chat is the best way to get a hold of support.

📋 Expert Rating on Airhub

Coverage: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 8/10

Ease of Installation: 8/10

Customer Support: 6/10


Airalo is the best option for travelers looking for comprehensive global coverage and convenience. Their Loyalty Rewards program adds extra value for frequent travelers.

Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -

Pros of Airalo:

  • Airalo is renowned as one of the most popular eSIM providers, boasting coverage in 199 countries, making it the go-to choice for travelers seeking seamless connectivity. This extensive coverage ensures you’re rarely left in the lurch, staying connected even in remote corners of the world. It’s worth noting they’re missing just one country from their 200+ claim.
  • When your destination supports 5G coverage, you’ll revel in lightning-fast internet speeds. This means you can effortlessly share your travel escapades on social media, binge-watch your favorite shows, and smoothly navigate unfamiliar terrain.
  • Airalo keeps it simple with different plans for different traveler vibes. Whether you’re diving into a single country, continent-hopping, or going full global, they’ve got you covered.
  • Their Loyalty Rewards program adds extra value to your mobile experience, offering a clever way to make your travel budget stretch further.
  • Airalo’s notification feature is a lifesaver. It ensures you won’t suddenly find yourself without data in a foreign land where connectivity is crucial.
  • The user-friendly Airalo app simplifies the entire process, from topping up to purchasing plans.
  • If you’re in Asia or North America, you’re in luck because Airalo’s pricing is quite competitive there.

Cons of Airalo:

  • They claim “200+ countries and regions,” but they’re just one short of that impressive milestone.
  • While the Global Plan is budget-friendly, it typically offers 3G speeds, which might be a trade-off worth considering. For faster 4G speeds on a global plan, you might have to explore pricier alternatives like FlexiroamX.
  • Travelers with large data requirements may find the absence of unlimited data frustrating.
  • The rigid data expiration can be a downside for those who prefer flexibility
  • Their extensive coverage is impressive, but it comes at a cost. It’s not the cheapest party in town, but you’re getting a global pass in return.
  • Slow customer support responses can test your patience, especially when issues arise during your travels. They’re on North American time, so keep that in mind if you need help fast.
  • If you’re big on voice calls, you’ll want to stick with the Global package because the other plans don’t include voice minutes.
  • Africa might give your wallet a workout as Airalo tends to be a bit pricier there.

📋 Expert Rating on Airalo

Coverage: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 7.5/10

Ease of Installation: 7.5/10

Customer Support: 6/10


Holafly is a solid choice for travelers who unlimited data usage. Their extensive coverage and ease of use make it suitable for various destinations. It is also a great option for those that are looking for solid customer support.

Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -

Pros of Holafly:

  • Holafly eSIM cards are your golden ticket to unlimited data in select countries. Say goodbye to data worries and stream, browse, and chat to your heart’s content. Plus, in the few countries without unlimited data, you still get pretty generous data limits, keeping you connected without limits.
  • With those mostly 5G speeds, your internet becomes your trusty sidekick. Whether you’re Googling local eats, binging on Netflix, or video-calling your family, lag is history.
  • Holafly offers excellent ease of installation, making it simple and hassle-free for users to set up and act
  • Exceptional Customer Support. Holafly prides itself on providing exemplary customer support. Response times are impressively rapid, typically within a minute of user queries. Additionally, the availability of support in multiple languages and round-the-clock accessibility via WhatsApp adds convenience.
  • Holafly offers a robust Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, which serves as a valuable resource. It addresses common inquiries and streamlines the eSIM activation process.

Cons of HolaFly:

  • No Data Sharing. Sorry, you can’t share data with your fellow travelers. Holafly does not support data sharing among multiple devices or users, limiting its use to a single device at a time.
  • Holafly doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all global plan, so you’ll need to pick and choose your destinations.
  • Holafly doesn’t come cheap, but for unlimited data and hassle-free travel, some extra dollars might be worth the peace of mind.
  • Only Europe eSIM plans come with mobile data and calls, but with a twist. You’ll get an Austrian number for up to 60 minutes of calling or receiving calls.
  • While Holafly’s data plans shine, calls and SMS aren’t always included. For the Europe plan though, you get 60 minutes of both inbound and outbound calls. But hey, who even uses SMS these days? Plus, you can always make calls and text via apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

📋 Expert Rating on Holafly

Coverage: 8/10

Price: 7/10

Plan Variety: 7/10

Ease of Installation: 9/10

Customer Support: 9/10


Nomad eSIM is great if you’re a frequent short-term explorer, thanks to its wallet-friendly short-duration plans, user-friendly app, and responsive chat support, keeping your journeys hassle-free.

Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -

Pros of Nomad:

  • Data Calculator for Clarity. Nomad eSIM enhances user experience with a data calculator available on their website. This tool empowers travelers by helping them estimate and select the right data plan tailored to their specific needs. It’s like having a financial advisor for your data usage.
  • Frequent Deals for Savvy Shoppers. Nomad eSIM sweetens the deal with frequent promotions and special offers on their plans. This means you can snag great savings and get more bang for your buck while staying connected on your adventures.
  • Swift Chat Support. Nomad eSIM understands the value of time. Their chat support responds promptly within 20 to 30 minutes, ensuring that users receive timely assistance when needed. It’s like having a helpful travel buddy in your pocket.
  • Tailored Unlimited Data. Nomad eSIM provides the flexibility of unlimited data plans, particularly in select individual countries like the UK.
  • Cost-Efficiency in Key Regions. Nomad eSIM offers competitive pricing in regions like North America, Asia, and Europe. For instance, you can secure 1GB of data for as low as $1.30 in these regions, making it a wallet-friendly choice. It’s like getting a premium experience at a discount.
  • SMS Plans for Connectivity. Nomad eSIM introduces SMS plans available in specific countries such as Canada, the United States, and the UK. These reasonably priced plans start at $4 for 100 texts, ensuring that you can stay in touch with loved ones seamlessly. It’s like having an affordable text message package wherever you roam.
  • User-Friendly App Experience. Nomad’s user-friendly app simplifies the entire process. From browsing plans to tracking data usage and even adding more data on the go, it’s like having a personal data butler in your pocket. The step-by-step setup process with clear illustrations ensures that even tech novices can navigate with ease.
  • Responsive 24/7 Support: Nomad’s built-in 24/7 message support is a reliable lifeline. Users can seek assistance promptly whenever questions or issues arise, ensuring a smooth and worry-free eSIM experience. It’s like having a dedicated travel concierge at your service.
  • Maximized Data Value: Nomad eSIM delivers more data for every dollar spent, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in connectivity. It’s like a data supermarket where your dollars stretch further.

Cons of Nomad:

  • Variable Service Reliability: While Nomad eSIM provides coverage in various countries, the service’s reliability may vary. Comprehensive coverage doesn’t always equate to consistent and high-quality service, which can be a concern for some travelers.
  • Limited Support Channels: Nomad eSIM does not offer phone or live chat support options, potentially limiting the accessibility of customer assistance for users who prefer these communication methods.
  • Selective SMS Availability: SMS services are only available for Canada, the United States, and the UK. This may limit communication options for travelers in other countries.

📋 Expert Rating on Nomad

Coverage: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 8/10

Ease of Installation: 7/10

Customer Support: 7.5/10


AloSIM is among the best esims for travelers who want to know which network they’ll connect to before purchasing a plan. It offers 5G access in select destinations and an easy installation process.

alosim best esims for travel

Pros of AloSIM:

  • Data-Savvy Travel Companion: AloSIM’s data calculator is a savvy tool that estimates your data needs, helping you choose the perfect plan. It’s like having a data guru by your side, preventing overages and unexpected surprises.
  • Network Transparency: AloSIM stands out by revealing the partnering networks you’ll connect to before you buy a package. This transparency ensures you’re always on a reliable network, sparing you the frustration of dropped connections.
  • Speed Check Bonus: You can check the speed availability in your region, whether it’s 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE. This feature sets AloSIM apart, as not all eSIM providers offer this level of speed insight. You’ll always know if you’re in the fast lane.
  • Effortless Installation: Installing AloSIM’s eSIM is a breeze. You’ve got options: automatic installation for instant gratification, QR code scanning for simplicity, or manual installation with step-by-step guidance. It’s like having a personal tech wizard at your service.
  • Budget-Friendly Rates: AloSIM’s prices are wallet-friendly. You can snag a 5GB plan for 30 days in the US for as low as $16. That’s a serious bargain compared to what your home SIM might offer. AloSIM is like your frugal friend who always finds the best deals.
  • Data Sharing Delight: AloSIM supports data sharing, turning your personal hotspot into a connectivity hub. .
  • Abundant Regional Plans: AloSIM spoils you with a high number of regional plans, ensuring you can choose the perfect fit for your destination. Among the eSIM providers, they’re the only one that seem to have researched on travel patterns. As an example, they have a Mediterranean regional plan that matches a huge number of people’s travel plan.

Cons of AloSIM:

  • Limited Country Coverage: AloSIM’s coverage extends to fewer countries compared to some competitors, potentially limiting its suitability for globetrotters seeking extensive global coverage.
  • Calls and SMS Not Included: AloSIM doesn’t offer phone or SMS plans, which may be a drawback for users who rely on traditional calling and texting services.
  • No Unlimited Plan: Unfortunately, AloSIM doesn’t provide an unlimited data plan, which could be a downside for data-hungry travelers looking for worry-free connectivity.
  • Regional Plan Gaps: While AloSIM offers a variety of regional plans, there may be gaps in coverage, particularly in regions like Africa and East Asia. Travelers heading to these areas might need to explore alternative options for eSIM coverage.

📋 Expert Rating on AloSIM

Coverage: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 6/10

Ease of Installation: 9.5/10

Customer Support: 6/10


Instabridge is a best esim for travel, especiallt for those who want to save data while browsing. It provides complementary services like its dedicated browser that saves data and its app to find wi-fi hotspots.

instabridge best esims for travel

Pros of Instabridge:

  • Stability and Long-Term Plans: Instabridge offers reliable and long-lasting eSIM plans, making it an ideal choice for extended stays. With options lasting up to a year, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity without constant plan renewals. It’s like having a steadfast internet companion.
  • WiFi Hotspot Map: Instabridge goes beyond eSIMs with a handy WiFi hotspot map. This crowd-sourced tool shows you available WiFi hotspots and automatically connects you when in range. It’s like having a personal WiFi guide wherever you go.
  • Data-Saving Browser: Instabridge’s data-saving browser is a game-changer. It compresses data 10 times more efficiently than Chrome and Firefox, ensuring faster browsing and data conservation. It’s like having a speed booster for your online adventures.
  • Shareable Home WiFi: Instabridge simplifies sharing your home WiFi. You can grant access to friends without revealing your router password repeatedly. Additional features include WiFi speed measurement, data backup and sync across devices, and the ability to avoid unreliable or insecure hotspots. It’s like a home WiFi manager in your pocket.
  • Global Internet Access Leader: Instabridge boasts the coveted title of the #1 app on iPhone for global internet access. With coverage in over 190 countries and a staggering 200 million app downloads, it’s the go-to choice for tech-savvy travelers. It’s like having a golden ticket to the digital world.
  • Modern and User-Friendly App: The Instabridge app is a testament to modern design and user-friendliness. Select your destination, choose your data amount, and pick your preferred duration—either one-time, monthly, or yearly. It’s a simple, intuitive process that ensures you stay connected without the tech headaches. Plus, you can switch between subscriptions and one-off plans to suit your needs. It’s like having a personal data concierge in your pocket.

Cons of Instabridge:

  • Activation Hiccups and Speed Woes: Some users have reported delayed activation and slow data speeds. In locations like Los Angeles, where speed matters, the data rate may disappoint. It’s like hitting a speed bump on the data highway.
  • No Calls or SMS Plans: Instabridge’s eSIM offerings focus solely on data. You won’t find phone or SMS plans here, which means you’ll rely on internet-based voice calls and texts. While not a deal-breaker, it’s essential to know your communication options. If you’re on a tight budget, you can even score data packages by watching ads on the app. It might not be a vast collection, but it’s a nifty way to top up your data while having fun. It’s like getting a bonus for your screen time.
  • Room for Website Improvement: The Instabridge website could use a bit of a facelift, especially when it comes to displaying all available local plans. It’s important to cross-check the app for a comprehensive view of your options. You might find the perfect plan hiding in the app’s digital nooks and crannies. It’s like discovering a hidden treasure in a digital jungle.
  • Not-so-stellar Customer Support: If you find yourself in a jam, Instabridge’s customer support may not be the fastest lifeline. It could take a few hours to get a response. However, fear not! The app’s user-friendly interface and handy FAQs and manuals can often provide the answers you need. In fact, you might not even need to reach out for support.

📋 Expert Rating on Instabridge

Coverage: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 6/10

Ease of Installation: 9/10

Customer Support: 7/10


BNESIM best esims for travel

BNESIM stands out with non-expiring data, making it the best esim for users who want to maximize their data usage without worrying about expiration. They offer diverse regional plans and step-by-step installation guides.

Pros of BNESIM:

  • Data That Never Expires: BNESIM sets itself apart by offering non-expiring data plans. When you purchase a plan like the 1GB USA data plan for $6.73, you can use it indefinitely as long as you don’t use up the entire data allowance. It’s the perfect solution for light data users, ensuring you never waste your data again. It’s like having a data safety net.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Freedom: BNESIM’s “pay-as-you-go” plans are a game-changer. These plans come with no expiration date, allowing you to use your data at your own pace without the pressure of a time limit. For example, the 1GB USA data plan lets you use the data whenever you need it. It’s a cost-effective choice for those who use data sporadically. It’s like having data on standby, ready when you are.
  • Unlimited Regional Plans: BNESIM offers a diverse range of regional plans across Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Middle East, and Africa. What sets BNESIM apart is its two unlimited data regional plans, a rarity in the industry. For instance, the Infinity Asia plan covers 28 countries and offers one-time, daily, and monthly plans. The “Daily Plan” is particularly handy, providing a daily data limit. For just $8.85, you can enjoy 1GB of data per day in Asia. It’s like having a buffet of data options.
  • Extensive Support Resources: BNESIM takes the hassle out of eSIM installation with its comprehensive “Support” section. You’ll find detailed guides on installing eSIMs on various devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. These guides include helpful pictures to simplify the process. It’s like having a personal eSIM tutor at your fingertips.

Cons of BNESIM:

  • Usability Concerns: Some users have reported usability issues, even within Europe. It’s important to note that data speed and performance can vary based on your destination, so results may vary. It’s like navigating a data maze with a few unexpected turns.
  • Speed Fluctuations: Data speed can be inconsistent and may fluctuate significantly depending on your location. This variability can be frustrating for users seeking consistent and high-speed connectivity. It’s like taking a data speed rollercoaster.
  • Room for Customer Support Improvement: While BNESIM offers helpful resources, there is room for improvement in customer support responsiveness. Users have experienced delays in getting assistance when needed. It’s like waiting in line for tech support.
  • Data Safety Reminder: BNESIM’s eSIM profiles are not transferable, and if your phone breaks or you upgrade to a new device, you may lose your eSIM permanently. It’s important to handle your eSIM with care and avoid deleting the profile, as it cannot be reinstalled once deleted. It’s like safeguarding a digital treasure.
  • Auto-Renewal Obligation: BNESIM employs an “auto-renewal” feature for its plans, meaning your plan will automatically renew at the end of the term. To avoid unexpected charges, you must manually cancel the plan through the website or app. It’s like keeping an eye on your subscription services to prevent surprises. All in all, BNESIM remains an excellent choice for travelers seeking flexible and cost-effective global roaming options for frequent adventures. It’s like having a trusty travel companion on your digital journey.

📋 Expert Rating on BNESIM

Coverage: 9/10

Price: 7/10

Plan Variety: 8.5/10

Ease of Installation: 9/10

Customer Support: 7/10


Flexiroam is perfect for travelers who prioritize flexibility in plan choices, including the option to share data with other devices. Their extensive network selection ensures the best local coverage. Some digital nomads prefer this over Airalo because of the speed.

Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -

Pros of Flexiroam:

  • Top-Notch Global Plan: Flexiroam shines with its Global Plan. It’s like having a golden ticket to global connectivity, covering a whopping 152 countries. Whether you’re wandering through bustling cities or remote landscapes, you’re always in touch with the world.
  • Responsive Whatsapp Support: Flexiroam’s customer support through Whatsapp is a real game-changer. It’s like having a tech-savvy friend at your fingertips. When you need help or have a question, you can expect a quick and friendly response. It’s support that’s as reliable as your eSIM connection.
  • Smart Network Selection: When you’re on the move, Flexiroam’s eSIM automatically connects you to the strongest network in the area. You never have to worry about weak signals or unreliable coverage. And if you prefer a different provider, you have the freedom to make the switch.
  • Variety of Plans: Flexiroam stands out with its extensive selection of more than 700 eSIM plans. While they may not be neatly categorized, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of options. I
  • Data Sharing Feature: Flexiroam understands the value of sharing. With data-sharing options through tethering and hotspot, you can connect your entire group on a single plan. You’ll be the hero of your travel crew, keeping everyone connected.
  • Discount Deals: Flexiroam offers fantastic deals with discounts ranging from 60-80%. It’s like having a sale at your favorite store every day. You get more bang for your buck, making your eSIM experience even more cost-effective.
  • Transparent Coverage Map: Flexiroam keeps it transparent with a coverage map that shows you exactly what speeds to expect in each location. You’re never left in the dark about your connection quality.

Cons of Flexiroam:

  • No Phone or SMS Plans: Flexiroam focuses exclusively on data, so you won’t find phone or SMS plans here. While it’s not a deal-breaker, it’s important to know your communication options.
  • Lack of Unlimited Period Plans: Flexiroam doesn’t offer unlimited period plans, so you’ll need to keep an eye on your plan’s expiration date.
  • Limited Regional Plans: Flexiroam’s regional plans can be hit or miss. While it offers unique regional plans like Greater Europe and Greater China, it falls short in providing a regional plan for Asia, a popular destination.
  • No Phone Number for Emergencies: Since Flexiroam is data-only, you don’t get a phone number for emergency calls in case of network coverage issues. This can be a concern when traveling to remote areas.

📋 Expert Rating on Flexiroam

Coverage: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 7/10

Ease of Installation: 9/10

Customer Support: 7/10


Holiday Orange eSIM is a solid choice for European travelers who require phone and SMS plans in addition to data. Their extensive coverage and ease of use make it suitable for various destinations.

Best eSIMs for Travel (Updated February 2024) -

Pros of Holiday:

  • European Expertise: Holiday stands out as a top choice for European travel, offering robust connections and high-speed data across every European country. It’s like having a local guide who knows all the best routes through the continent.
  • Rock-Solid Reliability: When you’re traveling in Europe, reliability is key, and Holiday delivers just that. You can trust it to keep you connected whether you’re wandering the streets of Paris or hiking in the Alps.
  • Bonjour, French Number: One unique perk is that Holiday eSIM provides you with a French number. This comes in handy with plans that include unlimited calls and texts in Europe, 120 minutes of worldwide calling, and 1,000 texts. It’s like having a communication Swiss Army knife for your travels.
  • User-Friendly Orange: The Orange Holiday app is as user-friendly as a well-worn travel guide. You don’t need to jump through hoops to use it – just install the eSIM, and it automatically connects to the strongest local European mobile network, ensuring you’re always in touch.
  • Data Delight: While it may not be the cheapest option, the $44.10 price tag for 10GB of data with a 14-day validity is worth it for seamless internet access across European streets. Plus, there’s a competent data-only global plan offering 6GB of data for 15 days.
  • Hotspot Heaven: Holiday eSIM lets you share your data as a hotspot, so you can work on your laptop while sipping espresso at a European café. It’s like turning your eSIM into a mobile Wi-Fi hub.
  • Smooth Onboarding: Getting started is a breeze. You simply order online, receive a welcome pack by email with a PDF containing a QR code to download your eSIM, and follow the instructions. It’s like a well-choreographed dance that leads to instant connectivity when your plane touches down in Europe.

Cons of Holiday:

  • Top-Up Troubles: While Holiday eSIM has a lot going for it, the top-up plans and the process of adding credit could be better. It’s like needing a key but fumbling around with a bunch of different ones to find the right one for the lock.
  • Elusive Support: Customer support can be as hard to reach as that hidden gem of a café in a European alleyway. And even if you do make contact, the help you receive might leave you wanting more. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, and when you find it, it’s not quite sharp enough.
  • Website Woes: The website interface and overall user experience leave much to be desired. It’s like trying to navigate a bustling European market without a map – confusing and frustrating.
  • Pricey Picks: Some might find Holiday eSIM a bit expensive, like dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe. While the quality is there, it might not be within everyone’s budget.
  • Plan Variety Pinch: The limited plan options, especially individual country plans, can feel restrictive. Most plans are regional, and if you want access to one country only, you might be better off with other options.
  • Coverage Confusion: Holiday eSIM could do a better job clarifying its coverage areas. It’s like traveling without a guidebook and not knowing which attractions are open or closed.
  • Provider Puzzle: They use providers that provide coverage on multiple countries, like how they use Thailand’s AIS to give you internet access in Philippines…. Now that made me all confused, and I’m still unsure where my connection was coming from.

📋 Expert Rating on Holiday eSIM

Coverage: 6/10

Price: 7/10

Plan Variety: 6/10

Ease of Installation: 9/10

Customer Support: 6/10

Guide To Choosing an eSIM For Travel

When buying an eSIM for your next travel, you’ll need to consider several factors.

The extent of coverage is vital as it ensures you can stay connected wherever your travels take you. A broad coverage area means you won’t experience gaps in connectivity, ensuring you can rely on your eSIM in various countries and regions.

Data Speed
Your choice of data speed matters depending on your online activities. Opt for an eSIM that provides the speed you need, whether it’s 3G, 4G, or 5G. Faster data speeds mean smoother video calls, quicker map downloads, and seamless browsing.

Plan Variety
Having a range of plan options is a great benefit. It allows you to tailor your eSIM to your specific requirements. Whether you need data-only, voice and text, regional, or global plans, having choices ensures you get the right fit.

Data Limits
Consider your data usage needs and choose a plan with an appropriate data limit. Some eSIMs even offer unlimited data in specific regions or countries, making them ideal for data-heavy tasks like streaming or uploading content.

Plan Duration
The validity period of plans matters. Short-term travelers may prefer plans with a few days’ validity, while longer trips benefit from extended-duration plans. Selecting the right plan duration helps you avoid underutilizing or overpaying for your eSIM.

Cost-effectiveness is crucial. Compare the pricing of different eSIM providers, including activation fees, data costs, and additional charges. Ensuring your eSIM fits your budget is essential for hassle-free travel.

Ease of Installation
An easy setup process can save you time and frustration during your travels. Look for eSIM providers with user-friendly apps and clear instructions for hassle-free activation.

Customer Support
Reliable customer support options are invaluable when issues arise while traveling. Check if the eSIM provider offers responsive customer service through chat, email, or phone to resolve any concerns promptly.

App Availability
A dedicated app for managing your eSIM enhances the overall experience. It simplifies tasks like purchasing new plans, checking data usage, and troubleshooting any connectivity problems.

Data Sharing
If you travel with others, the ability to share data or tether multiple devices to the same eSIM can be a game-changer. It saves you the trouble of getting separate eSIMs for each device.

Non-Expiring Data
Some eSIMs offer non-expiring data, allowing you to use the same eSIM for multiple trips over time. This feature is cost-effective and convenient for frequent travelers.

Assess the eSIM provider’s security measures to protect your data and personal information. Robust security ensures your online activities remain safe and private while using the eSIM.

Value-add Features
Additional features like loyalty programs, notification alerts, or the ability to choose the strongest network in an area can enhance your eSIM experience, providing added value.

Wrapping Up

As an avid traveler, I understand how finding wi-fi spots can be cumbersome after landing in a new place. An eSIM is your passport to staying effortlessly connected on the road.

No more SIM swaps, roaming fees, or carrier hunts. Stay effortlessly connected while you explore, ensuring you can share your journey, find your way, and stay in touch with friends and family back home.

AIRHUB has been a great companion on my trips, giving me the connection I need to get my work done when I need it. Ultimately though, your choice though should depend on your usage, destination, and your budget.

Happy travels!

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