MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review

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World Nomads Insurance is generally well-regarded for its comprehensive coverage, especially for adventurous travelers. If you’re planning a trip that involves risky activities or off-the-beaten-path destinations, World Nomads could be a good choice. Here’s our World Nomads insurance review.

MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review -

Ask yourself first, is World Nomads for you?

If you like to spend your time outdoors hiking, snowboarding, or even if you’re a digital nomad who enjoys high-adrenaline sports on the weekends, World Nomads may be for you.

Its comprehensive coverage for high-risk activities and 24/7 global emergency assistance is what makes it stand out for those who enjoy off-the-beaten-path adventures.

With insurances, there’s one thing I know to be true, no one travel insurance works for everyone. Heck – I can’t even be sure that your coverage in your home country will be the same with mine even if we both use World Nomads. Why is that? Most insurance providers have different underwriters in each country.

You’ll notice these on the fine print if you read the policy. This is a reason why it’s difficult to make an apples to apples type of comparison with insurances.

My review of World Nomads will mostly be a culmination of what I’ve researched about their policies, and what majority of travelers have experienced.

I’m also not putting a greater weight on my personal experience for the same reason I alluded above.

Shall we begin the deep dive?

Who is it for?

World Nomads caters to a specific niche within the travel insurance market, focusing on adventurous travelers, digital nomads, backpackers, and those engaging in a wide range of outdoor and high-risk activities. Here’s a closer look at the type of travelers World Nomads is designed for:

Adventurous Travelers

If your idea of a perfect trip involves skiing, rafting, scuba diving, or even bungee jumping, World Nomads has your back. With coverage for over 200 adventure activities, it’s the go-to choice for for travelers who prioritize adventure and seek to engage in high-risk activities

Digital Nomads

For those juggling work and travel, World Nomads has insurance plans that understand the nomadic lifestyle. You can buy coverage online from anywhere in the world, making it super convenient for the digital wanderers with no fixed plans.


If your backpack is your best companion, World Nomads gets you. Flexible insurance options, easy online claims, and coverage designed for the spontaneous journey – it’s made for backpackers who embrace the unknown. Word of caution though that these trip changes is best done before your trip, because you may need to buy a new insurance once you trip starts and you decide to extend it. All in the fine print.

MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review -

(Semi) Long-term Travelers

Planning to explore the world for up to 180 days? World Nomad is your travel buddy. The flexibility to extend coverage online is a game-changer for those whose travel plans might take unexpected turns. Careful though, you may need to pay an additional premium, and the extension is subject to terms and conditions.

Travelers Engaged in High-risk Activities

If you find joy in activities that others might shy away from – like scuba diving, rock climbing, or skydiving – World Nomads is in your corner. Their plans include coverage for these adventures, so you can chase that adrenaline without worries.

MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review -

Pros and Cons

I’ve extensively discussed the pros and cons of World Nomads in my roundup review of the top travel insurances, but to summarize. Here’s the most important pros and cons of World Nomads.


  1. World Nomads offers among the widest range of coverage options for different types of travelers, including adventure activities and high-risk destinations. Make sure to review the policy details to ensure it meets your specific needs.
  2. Easy to understand coverage plans
  3. One of the key benefits of World Nomads is their 24/7 emergency assistance service, which can be crucial in case of medical emergencies or travel disruptions.
  4. Flexibility to extend coverage while traveling
  5. Availability of insurance in most countries. Some insurances are only available in certain regions.
  6. Option to purchase insurance even if you’re already abroad


  • The simplicity of the plan means less flexibility in customizing the plan to your very specific needs
  • Does not allow changes in travel dates once you’ve purchased a plan
  • Customer service has mixed reviews depending on country you’re in. Some users reported that customer representatives are not as informed of their own policies or the differences in coverages.
  • Dental coverage may not be included in travel insurance plans, and it might be more cost-effective to seek dental care in countries with lower costs
  • Higher price point compared to other insurance options
  • Lack of responsiveness and delays in claim processing reported by some users
  • Some users have encountered difficulties in getting reimbursed or receiving assistance

Coverage Options

World Nomads offers two main travel insurance plans: the Standard Plan and the Explorer Plan. Both plans are designed to cater to the needs of travelers, but they differ in terms of coverage and cost.

MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review -
This is what a one-month plan for a Mexico trip looks like for Canadians

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan is designed to cover essential needs for travelers, including:

  • Overseas medical expenses
  • Coverage for belongings
  • Pre-trip cancellation
  • Coverage for certain adventure activities

This plan is suitable for travelers who are looking for basic coverage and are engaging in relatively low-risk activities

Explorer Plan

The Explorer Plan includes all the benefits of the Standard Plan but offers additional coverage and higher limits, making it more expensive. It is tailored for travelers who:

  • Carry more expensive gear like laptops and professional cameras
  • Participate in higher-risk adventure activities such as scuba diving or skiing
  • Desire higher coverage limits for added protection against theft, loss, or damage
  • Travelers who plan to use rental vehicles.

The Explorer Plan is ideal for adventurers seeking more comprehensive coverage for their travels

Key Differences

Here are some of the key differences between the two plans based on coverage and limits:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses. The Explorer Plan typically offers double the coverage limit of the Standard Plan
  • Trip Cancellation. The Explorer Plan provides more extensive coverage for trip cancellation than the Standard Plan
  • Belongings and Gear. The Explorer Plan has higher coverage limits for baggage and personal effects
  • Rental Vehicle Insurance. The standard plan does not cover rental vehicle insurance
  • Adventure Activities. The Explorer Plan covers a broader range of adventure activities compared to the Standard Plan
  • Details on what is covered (e.g., trip cancellation, medical expenses, gear protection)
MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review -
Confidently hit the slopes with World Nomads covering you

What’s not covered, and why it matters?

  1. No COVID Coverage: Notably, World Nomads doesn’t cover anything related to COVID. In today’s global situation, this is significant because if your travel plans are affected by COVID, you won’t be protected financially for any related issues.
  2. Pre-existing conditions: If you’ve had any illness or health issue in the 90 days before starting the policy and then need medical care for the same problem, World Nomads won’t cover the costs. This is crucial because if you have an existing health concern, you might end up having to pay for treatment yourself.
  3. Intentional acts: If you experience losses due to intentional harm, being intoxicated, using drugs, or engaging in criminal activities, World Nomads won’t cover it. This matters because if something happens while you’re under the influence or involved in illegal activities, you won’t get financial support.
  4. Limited Trip Cancellation: There’s a cap on how much World Nomads will cover for trip cancellations. This limitation matters because if you have an expensive trip and need to cancel, you might not get enough coverage, leaving you at risk of financial loss.
  5. Extension Limitations: If you need coverage for an extended period, World Nomads has restrictions on policy extensions, and there could be extra costs. This can be a drawback for those who need prolonged coverage, as it might become more expensive or even unavailable after a certain point.

Customer Service

World Nomads employs a unique approach by utilizing different underwriters across various countries. This strategy enables them to tailor insurance products to comply with specific legal requirements and offer localized services to customers. However, the implementation of this model has led to mixed results in terms of customer service and coverage.

The variation in customer service and coverage depending on the country has raised concerns. The transparency of the pricing structure, influenced by factors like the home country and destination, has been a source of contention and you can see that in their Trustpilot reviews.

On Trustpilot, World Nomads has garnered a rating of 3.4/5 stars. While this rating is decent, it falls significantly behind other travel insurance providers with most complaints from the inconsistency of customer support.

MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review -
When getting my insurance quote, the website was perpetually stuck on this page. I was using Safari as my browser.

World Nomads claims to offer 24/7 customer support, excluding weekends. It also supports multiple languages, providing a broad accessibility range. However, they fall short on customer experience because of their poorly designed website, making navigation and the claims process difficult for some users.

Cost and Value

World Nomads is recognized for offering great coverage at a good price, despite being a bit pricier than some competitors like SafetyWing. The higher cost is often justified by the peace of mind it brings, especially for those engaging in adventurous activities that require more comprehensive coverage. Customers have found the coverage for high-risk activities and gear protection to be major advantages, providing value for the money spent.

In terms of industry averages, World Nomads performs well in the cost category, offering competitive policy costs given the extensive coverage it provides.

This is particularly true for travelers interested in adventure sports, where World Nomads’ coverage limits and inclusion of a wide range of activities offer significant value.

Claims Process

Here’s a detailed review of the World Nomads claims process, including a step-by-step guide, average processing time, and customer experiences.

  1. Preparation: Gather all receipts, invoices, and relevant documents related to your claim. This preparation is crucial for a smooth process
  2. Online Claim Submission: Sign into your World Nomads membership area and select ‘Make a claim’ from your dashboard. If you have trouble locating your policy, contact World Nomads for assistance
  3. Detailing the Incident: Provide a detailed account of what happened, including dates, locations, and the nature of the incident. Accuracy and completeness are key
  4. Listing Expenses: Itemize each expense related to your claim, attaching the corresponding receipts or invoices
  5. Documentation Submission: Upload all supporting documents through the online platform. If additional documents are needed, World Nomads will notify you
  6. Claim Review: After submission, the claims team will review your claim. This process can take up to 10 business days, depending on the complexity and volume of claims. However, there are claims of people waiting up to 8 months to get a decision on their claim
  7. Payments are made via bank transfer, check, or PayPal, which adds to the convenience



MOST Comprehensive World Nomads Insurance Review -

Genki is praised as the best travel insurance for nomads or expats because of its stellar customer service, offering significant value and comprehensive coverage. It allows policy purchase after leaving home and does not void coverage upon brief returns, distinguishing it from competitors. Genki’s approach to travel insurance is tailored for long-term travelers, providing flexibility and extensive benefits

Insured Nomads

Insured Nomads stands out for its comprehensive coverage that caters to expats and digital nomads, offering both emergency and routine care. It includes mental health coverage, telemedicine, and up to $3,000,000 in plan coverage, making it a robust choice for long-term travelers seeking extensive health and travel insurance

Safety Wing

SafetyWing is noted for its affordability and basic coverage, which includes COVID-19 related illnesses at no additional cost, but lacks the extensive activity coverage that World Nomads provides. SafetyWing’s coverage starts at a lower price point, making it a cost-effective solution for digital nomads seeking comprehensive yet budget-friendly insurance. It is also particularly appealing for its single price for worldwide travels, making it a convenient option for those with uncertain travel plans

World Nomads Insurance Review – What’s our Conclusion?

World Nomads is great for adventurous travelers and digital nomads with comprehensive coverage. However, its unique country-specific approach and potential transparency issues in pricing raise concerns. The Trustpilot rating of 3.5/5 indicates mixed customer satisfaction.

While it excels in covering high-risk activities, exclusions like no COVID coverage and restrictions on pre-existing conditions should be noted. Its limitations on extending coverages is also contentious.

The plans offer flexibility but come with simplicity and limitations. Despite being a bit pricier, World Nomads justifies costs with extensive coverage.

The claims process is generally straightforward, but delays have been reported. In short, World Nomads is good for adventure but requires careful consideration. Users should weigh benefits against customer service variations and coverage exclusions, checking the fine print before deciding.

If you think World Nomads is for you, just click the link below to get a quote.

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