AloSIM: Airalo Alternative For Easy Connectivity


AloSIM is the go-to provider for travelers who can’t be slowed down. Alosim has the easiest eSIM setup I’ve tried. It also lets you know which network they’ll connect to before purchasing a plan. I’d give it a 7/10 for its commitment to user experience, although I’m docking several points for its performance during my test in Colombia.

📋 Expert Rating on Airalo

Coverage: 6.5/10

Price: 8/10

Plan Variety: 8/10

Ease of Installation: 7.5/10

Customer Support: 6/10

I’ve surveyed other Alosim users and found that the eSIM does well in Europe and North America, making it a worthy Airalo alternative. It may be a case of them needing to switch to a better network provider in some Latin American countries .  Nonetheless, some notable features are its regional plans that nicely matches most travel itineraries and its ability to show available networks on the plan. The network transparency feature ensures reliable connections, and users can check the speed availability in their region. 

However, it comes with limitations that include performance issues in certain countries, limited country coverage, absence of calls and SMS plans, and no unlimited data offerings. 

Travelers seeking easy installation, upfront network information, and diverse regional plans may find this esim a suitable companion depending on their destination. 


AloSIM earns a coverage score of 6.5 out of 10, reflecting its decent but not exhaustive reach across 165 countries. While this coverage is commendable, it may not encompass all travel destinations, impacting its suitability for those seeking comprehensive global coverage.

AloSIM: Airalo Alternative For Easy Connectivity -
Best to use AloSIM for North America and Europe, and pick a different eSIM for other destinations

Most of their focus is on European and North American countries.The provider’s strength lies in transparency, as it allows users to ascertain the partnering networks before purchasing a plan for a specific destination. This upfront knowledge can ensure that you’ll be connected to a reliable network, mitigating some frustration of potential connectivity issues. Granted, you should do a quick Google search if the network provider is decent.

However, the score is tempered by the fact that AloSIM’s coverage extends to fewer countries compared to some competitors, potentially limiting its appeal to those with more extensive travel itineraries.


AloSIM secures a solid 7 out of 10 for its pricing, reflecting its mid-range cost structure for major destinations. This means that it’s not exactly for those looking for the cheapest plan possible but it is wallet-friendly enough. The biggest reason to go with Alosim is user experience because of its smooth installation and easy top-up process.

For instance, Airalo and Alosim have the same prices for 20GB plans for both Indonesia and Mexico. In European countries though, Alosim is slightly cheaper. But if you’re traveling to Asia, Airalo beats Alosim by a long shot with a 50 GB data for 9 USD compared to Alosim’s $34 10GB Thailand Plan

While the pricing is decent, the score also gets downgraded due to the absence of unlimited data plans, which might be a drawback for travelers with high data consumption needs seeking worry-free connectivity options.

Plan Variety

AloSIM earns a score of 6 out of 10 for its plan variety, reflecting a mixed offering that showcases some interesting regional plans. While the provider excels in providing numerous regional options, allowing travelers to tailor their plans according to specific geographic preferences, the overall variety is somewhat constrained, particularly in terms of country-specific plans. The low coverage of countries included on regional  plans contributes to the slightly lower score.

AloSIM: Airalo Alternative For Easy Connectivity -
Important to mention that their regional plans are nicely thought out to match most travel itineraries

Despite this, AloSIM stands out for its insightful approach to regional planning, evident in offerings like the Mediterranean regional plan tailored to common travel patterns. For users with specific destination needs, AloSIM’s diverse regional plans can be advantageous, providing flexibility in choosing plans aligned with their travel itineraries.

However, the somewhat restricted variety within regional plans and a lower country count impact the overall plan variety score.

Ease of Use

AloSIM achieves an impressive score of 9 out of 10 for its ease of installation, showcasing a user-friendly and versatile approach to getting travelers connected effortlessly.

The provider excels by offering multiple installation methods, catering to users with varying preferences and technical comfort levels. Whether opting for automatic installation for instant connectivity, QR code scanning for simplicity, or manual installation guided by step-by-step instructions, AloSIM ensures a hassle-free experience.

AloSIM: Airalo Alternative For Easy Connectivity -
The interface looks very similar to the Airalo mobile app

The biggest contributor to this is its app. Undoubtably, it eerily looks like the Airalo mobile app which I thought was a smart move. Most people start off with Airalo so the familiarity lends itself to AloSIM’s advantage. Their mobile app has the same features such ability to manage your plans and even the top-up feature.

The straightforward installation process contributes significantly to the positive user experience, earning it a commendable score in this category.

Customer Support

AloSIM receives a score of 8 out of 10 for customer support, reflecting a mixed performance in addressing user needs and concerns. While they offer support, there were a couple of complaints about their inability to reach customer support through the official website.However, the availability of prompt support is a very positive aspect, as users vouched for timely resolution. Their team seems to be responsive in both mobile app support, email, and even Trustpilot.

Value-Added Features

AloSIM earns a commendable score of 8 out of 10 for its value-added features, showcasing a range of unique offerings that enhance the overall user experience.

The standout feature is the AloSIM Data Calculator, a practical tool that estimates data needs, empowering travelers to choose plans more aligned with their usage patterns. This feature demonstrates a thoughtful approach to user convenience, preventing overages and ensuring cost-effective connectivity.

The transparency in revealing partnering networks before purchasing a plan is another notable feature, providing users with valuable insights into the reliability of the network they’ll connect to.

The ability to check speed availability, whether it’s 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE, further sets it apart, offering users the advantage of always knowing their connection speed.

These value-added features contribute to making it a user-friendly and data-savvy choice for travelers who seek more than just basic connectivity.


The best alternatives to Alosim are those that stand out for coverage and plan variety, which are the two areas it falls short in. I can personally only recommend two who do well in these areas.


With a commitment to providing reliable eSIM services, Airhub stands out for its global coverage and dependable network connections. One feature I consider to be a lifesaver is that it picks the strongest connection from multiple networks, and that’s what gets used. This way, you’re not stuck with the worst performing network in your destination. Plan variety is also a strong suit with every country having extensive options and combinations of both data, calls, and even SMS. It is a strong alternative for travelers who prioritize consistent coverage.


Known for its expansive coverage, Airalo offers a reliable eSIM solution for travelers. With a focus on providing seamless connectivity, Airalo is a dependable choice for those who value network reliability. Its mobile app is also widely applauded for user-friendliness. If you want a balance of both coverage and ease of use, Airalo may be a better option for you.

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Wrapping Up on AloSIM

It’s evident that Alosim has the potential to be your ultimate travel companion. Covering 165 countries, it ensures you stay connected in the majority of your globetrotting adventures.

The Data Calculator adds a unique touch by helping you tailor your plan to your precise needs, sparing you from unexpected data dramas.The upfront network transparency, revealing your connecting networks before commitment, is a game-changer, ensuring you’re always on a trustworthy connection.

While the absence of unlimited data plans might not suit heavy data users, AloSIM’s friendly rates and hassle-free installation make it a contender.

Keep in mind the potential service variations in both support response times and coverage, but overall, it steps into the eSIM arena with a user-focused approach, making it a solid choice for your on-the-go connectivity needs.

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